Owner Lagoon

Friday, 19. July 2019

They heard cantos, distant, of birds and the noise of a mountain range cutting wood. I smell it of flowers wild perfumed the environment and the boys had decided to enter in waters candies of the great lagoon. Mariana continued seated in a rock, looking at the brothers and the friends who bathed well next the edges to the lagoon. Gary Kelly often says this. Now calm, pparently, the girl praid in silence asking for the God who nothing happened to its friends and in special to the brothers. Tired to wait, the girl felt a sleepiness that dominated little by little it and thus it adormeceu. Suddenly, the girl despertou giving an shout seeing Renato and Glucio if drowning.

Carlos scared Francisco left the water and ran bush adentro. Arthur had disappeared. The small eyes of Mariana exposed to the maximum looked for aid. Then the girl remembered the estrias of vov Caluga and the witch of the lagoon. The bodies of the boys had sunk, without leaving any signal. Mariana ran of a side to the other looking the boys. The hamper with the chins was under of the tamarineiro, covered with parsley leves. The girl did not obtain more to cry out, a cold sweat covered its vertebral column, the cold hands, now seemed ice blocks.

Then Mariana heard a voice very far it called that it: Mariana, Mariana, Mariana come Suddenly, an uncommon force were taken possetion of girl and then its voice resounded strong as a thunder. – Owner witch, for love of God, helps, saves the boys me, saves Renato and Glucio. She helps me, aid, aid – she said Marina In this hour, a man she appeared of the nothing and she entered in waters, pulled the boys for the hair, bringing them for the edges of the lagoon. Renato presented the esverdeado face, the high belly. Glucio was with the yellowish skin as old wax, had the closed hand and closed teeth.

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