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Wednesday, 26. June 2019

They also do not lack pots of water, strange oil of track and objectos to hurl. The choice is great all account to finish with the competition of a time for all. However, who likes something &#039 more; ' limpo' ' it can always opt to the traditional versions where what said the victory they are the abilities of conduction, even so for good moments of diversion more is indicated to practise one of the innumerable versions repletas of pndegas cunnings. For most skeptical, but that still thus they do not excuse the possibility to humiliate the adversary promptly, specific games exist that allow to moderate the use of exterior maneuvers, becoming the race in a compound between legal and the illegal one of coherent form, not exaggerating in one or another aspect, leaving broken of both the points without one of them wronged skirt in detriment of the benefited one. With this hypothesis she is assured the variety of gneros, that functions here as a more-value, data that attract three potential players with different characteristics: the ones that look rally pure, the ones that they intend to arrasar the opponents and the ones that prefer a compound between the two previous ones. If one of your favourite pastimes is to delight you with the real tests of rally, certainly goes to be satisfied with the adaptations of the world of the videojogos. It is certain that it has some more realistic versions and other little conventionals, but fit you it you to decide which are the one that more adjusts to your style and what the wait of a game of this modality automobile, because the final choice is invariably yours. In the Top Online Games you find all the types of games to play online of form gratis. She comes to try the Games of Soccer, Games of the Ben 10 or Games of Shots between many others.

Mozart Music

Wednesday, 28. February 2018

Majorities the superlearning arises from a branch of psychology where each was understood that two hemispheres are had, of them with certain specific functions that they allow that the people own reforzables qualities and defects through this theory. The superlearning, or learning holstico" , it is the usual term used to talk about to a system that allows to learn great amount of information of a fast and easy way. antecedents indicate, that in the decade of the Sixties Georgia Lozanov, psychiatrist and Bulgarian parasiclogo, created the Sugestopedia, investigation based on the use of the resources of the human mind as it forms novel and powerful to learn and to expand the memory through study of the techniques of the Yoga Raja and Mental Yoga, that developed the Yoghis, obtaining to improve their capacity to reach the super memory or hipermnesia using the conscious breathing and the relaxation, discovering this way an optimal state of learning. In the Ukraine, while it made investigations stops its doctorate, discovered that in the Bulgarian and Russian hospitals music was listened to barroca of century XVII, of composers like Vivaldi, Telemann and Bach. Contact information is here: Southwest Airlines. Soon it added to his investigation the classic music of Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms, whose effects in the mind and the memory they were relajantes, harmonic and powerful. It also discovered that this music helped to the regulation of the heart rate and the sanguineous pressure. This system of optimal learning consists of being located in the best relaxed mental and corporal state through breathings, with the use of music to expand the memory and to provide energy to him to the brain so that the information of a slow and rythmical form is absorbed, with stress necessary to be motivated, relating the controlled and conscious breathing, the relaxation, the visualization, the feeding, the music and the study of the operation of the brain, through the application of strategies destined to increase to the maximum to the memory and the construction of knowledge and information, releasing to the individual of the excess of stress, improving its health and its creativity to heighten all their personality and intelligences of global way. .

South America

Tuesday, 29. July 2014

Melt pure platinum was in 1783, AL Lavoisier. To the west of the city of Nizhny Tagil panorama of the main Urals. Mountain, forested, go into some mighty peaks of rocks, outcrops. In the Urals, they are called "Shihan". From these cliffs, at a glance, see the old Demidov settlements have grown up in the beginning of XVIII century near the ironworks – Chernoistochnik, Visim …

With the discovery of gold and platinum, they expanded, built new streets and villages. Thousands of serfs families were driven from the "Rasei" – Tula, Chernigov, Moscow and other provinces on the ground Tagil. How many tears were shed "through the platinum that same"! Platinum. Valued more than gold right now, this noble metal, called by the Spaniards lightly "Serebrishko (platina – a diminutive of plata – silver). Heavy silver grains found in the beginning of XVIII century in the deposits of South America, "port" gold and undermines the credibility of the coins minted from it, so detached and thrown away as a harmful impurity. In the study of the Tagil platinum professor at Kazan University K. Klaus in 1844 for the first time in Russia has opened a new chemical element ruthenium (pozdnelatinskoe. Rutenia – Russia).

Deposits platinum associated with deep-seated igneous rocks – dunites, where it concentrates in the areas of clusters of iron-chromium. Tagil platinum has a high content of iron impurities, and therefore has dirty-brown color. For buyers it called it "red" or "Demidov". In the region of Nizhny Tagil dunites composed of mountain Solovyov. In the study it in 1892, Professor A. Inostrantsev open the world's first indigenous mine Platinum (Pt separation in the rock), and at the same time mine was laid Manor (Gosshahta). In August 1825 an employee of the plant independently-Utkinskogo Ivan Lyubimov and his son Abram in the exploration of gold in the river near the village of Dry Visim Zakharivka first discovered platinum placer.

Pedagogical Projects

Friday, 6. December 2013

Of the fifteen interviewed, five had affirmed that they do not participate in the elaboration of the rules, being that the remain affirmed to participate for keeping the uniformizados children, to fulfill to the schedule of entrance and exit and for giving to opinions and/or suggestions in the referring meetings to the collegiate pertaining to school. In the interview with the pupils, with respect to the envolvement of them in the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician and if they know the same, we perceive that they are not made familiar to the project of the school, beyond not understanding its purpose, on the other hand, had affirmed to participate in the estudantis bosoms and events carried through in the school as the commemorative dates, for example. It is important to point out that to act in set it demands of all the commitment of to be conditional to a permanent desire of renewal and overcoming of new challenges. Being thus, it is crucial that the segments of the school review its attributions and that they do not lose them of sight, therefore, if thus to proceed will not run the risk of if accomodating in the omission, contributing, of this form, to keep the shameful picture in which if finds the education Brazilian. The final considerations In elapsing of the research, some conclusions had been gotten, verify that it does not have a participation accomplishes of the pertaining to school community in the elaboration of the Project Pedagogical Politician, considering the proper conception of what it is participation, a democratic process where if it suggests that the democratic management must necessarily imply the participation of the pertaining to school community in the elaboration and execution of the Pedagogical Project Politician of the school. With the analysis of the collected results, we observe that the Project Pedagogical Politician still meets in process of construction, moreover, the taking of decisions if of the one of collective form, is not centered in the managers and contradictory pedagogical coordinator becoming, between what he is ideal and what in fact happens.