Tour Of The Deutschen Rentenversicherung Guest At The German University

Wednesday, 4. October 2023

Participants of the baths and Rehatour 2013 learn on-site about ‘ active live up to cancer ‘ on September 1 made the year’s baths and Rehatour organised by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, station at the Central Office of the German University of prevention and health management (DHfPG) in Saarbrucken. In the framework of the on-site visit the tour participants about the current project of the DHfPG under the title life active after cancer gathered”. The 8-wochtige course will go nationwide starting in the autumn of 2013 and is aimed at people who want to find their way back to an unmarked grave in an active life. Speaking candidly Etienne Locoh told us the story. A field which is particularly interesting for the participants of the baths – and Rehatour, because many of them know from personal experience how important sport in the context of cancer and even then can be. “6 Baths and Rehatour: show what is possible the baths and Rehatour has made it the task, for the rehab made in Germany” to advertise. The Baden-Wurttemberg Minister of Social Affairs Katrin Altpeter gave the go-ahead on August 30.

Then went the journey via Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Saarbrucken was up to Brussels, which covers a distance of 800 km in nine days. The strong community participants with and without disabilities ensured that all arrived safely at the destination. This year donations for projects of the Association of cancer were collected with the tour again Baden-Wurttemberg, who was patron of the tour again. Station Saarbrucken: Active life after cancer for people who have a cancer behind him, is an important step of the (re) introduction to an active life. Combined movement, relaxation and nutrition programs can help you and lead has been shown to enhance the quality of life. Especially regular physical activity can increase well being and individual performance, reduce the often existing chronic tiredness (fatigue), and may reduce the risk of a back condition.

Europcar Selligent

Thursday, 15. March 2018

Selligent, the specialist in dialogue marketing and campaign management, presented together with CRM providers bowi from 19 to 20 June on the mailingtage in Nuremberg. Nuremberg, June 18, 2013 – highlight is bowis integration of social media features, among first customers already used as a prototype and on the Selligent based technology. The new feature enables a comprehensive and direct integration of social media into CRM systems. In collaboration with the University of Leipzig bowi in the framework of a research project to the SCRM-I (social customer relationship management intelligence) a prototype developed. The technologies of Selligent, which deploys bowi for more than ten years provided the technological basis.

By Selligent supported, the product is used in the meantime successfully as an add-on from different Sandra customers. The core elements of the new social features include smart, statistical and semantic text mining, social media monitoring, and interfaces to all common social media portals. In addition, the tool social covers Media process integration and interactions from. A functional triangle for a consistent brand communication across all channels is formed combining the social features with Selligent Relationshipmanagement and Selligent interactive marketing (SIM). The data resulting from customer or prospective customer interaction via social media can, for example, by SIM to the other communications or be used for campaign generating ideal conditions for a comprehensive and successful communication with the market. The fair (Hall 4, booth 615) is accompanied by Sandra experts from the areas of CRM, xRM, text mining and data protection. Oliver Leister and Dirk Thum Selligent contribute information to the campaign management.

Selligent: Selligent was founded in Belgium in 1990 and is today represented in the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Spain. Large companies from the sectors of tourism, media & publishing, retail, financial services or entertainment among the over 400 brands such as Europcar, Nestle nutrition, the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ), Thomas Cook or step tone. With Selligent marketing suite it is possible to control optimal advertising pressure across all communication channels efficiently and flexibly.

Managing Director Finance

Wednesday, 27. August 2014

Leader starts in the year of the customer. Frankfurt am Main, Germany 14 March 2013. Passion for building material trading year of customer”the motto of the Executive meeting of the Saint-Gobain building distribution GmbH (SGBDD) at the beginning of the year was 2013, on 8th and 9th February 2013 in Dusseldorf took place. Conducting business gave the strategy and objectives for the year 2013, after a year in review: we want to again grow stronger as the market as us 2011 clearly has succeeded, “so Udo Brandt, Chief Executive Officer. In the areas relevant to the SGBDD of the German construction industry the company assumes a slight growth of two to three percent. To achieve the growth targets, it is to be better targeted control of sales and still more targeted use salesperson in the sales.

Dieter Babiel, Managing Director staff, Frank Baker, Sales Manager HBM and Knut Sachdeva, Managing Director Finance, Thomas Esser, Director purchasing, and Axel Berger, Director Marketing explained what potential in their areas to use are, to reach the next level in the successful marketing and become even more successful. “In the year of the customer puts the SGBDD on the roof and extended its network of 45 FSC – and PEFC certified offices on 53: rehabilitation and solar energy will be from our point of view in the building materials trade becoming increasingly important, therefore we focus especially on the area of wood and roof construction.” explained Udo Brandt. To the position as a market leader in the German builders merchants also 2013 to maintain and expand the areas of e-commerce, price management and supplier management are the most important tasks in the current fiscal year in addition to current market developments. Also for Benoit Bazin, President of the main Division builders merchants and Senior Vice President of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain, the internal growth objective for the building trade of Saint-Gobain remains group in Germany.

Rhetoric Courses & Seminars For Communication

Thursday, 15. May 2014

Modern learning standards in small seminar groups 2 day seminar = 3-5 participants 5 day seminar participants with experience of 30 years of seminar and coaching work = 4-7 we offer you professional support for your personal development and designing your professional tasks. By the small group, we guarantee our participants a particularly intensive and individual learning atmosphere. Always focus on their personal and professional expectations of the seminar are available for us. We waive any extensive theory inputs, but our learning focus on the application of practical methods and many repetitions of exercises. As a result, to improve and maintain your individual rhetorical and communicative skills successfully and sustainably. In our rhetoric we create a personal strengths and weaknesses profile and an individual training program seminars for all participants, so that you can work on your personal and professional success in the long term and sustainable. In our seminars and workshops We attach particular importance to: a high proportion of practical exercises to strengthen the individual resources is a trusting atmosphere of learning the development of individual solutions the feasibility of educational content for your practice seminars are our rhetoric as a basic seminar, designed construction and compact seminar.

On the secondary issues of interviewing, negotiation, conflict management and leadership training and coaching, you will find more offers on our SEMINAR page. On request we offer all rhetoric seminars and communication training as in-house seminars or workshops. We clarify the substantive framework of these events together with you. Generally accepted scientific methods and techniques are the basis of our quality standards.