The BBQ Season Opened

Wednesday, 3. July 2019

For Grill professionals and friends of barbecue tips and the right equipment in the online-shop of a delicious barbecue among friends or with the family should be planned well in advance. With, do you find the right equipment and receives some advice for a successful barbecue. One has a big purse and you would like to experience Grill enjoy with high-quality gas Grill by Landmann Avalon has in the range. However there also bargain, which can be purchased for a reasonable price for best enjoyment of barbecue in the online-shop of Everything is provided: the appropriate Grill accessories of next to a barbecue are also suitable accessories in the online-shop of

Electric grill lighters up to charcoal much that you need to Grill is available. Also, you can find a quality Grill set stainless steel at But what you want to give it to drink? Red wine, white wine or but a glass of sparkling wine? Be in the range of online shops from to the Broil matching favorite drops offered. With grill tips for the evening. A good preparation for the barbecue is half the battle.

Several days in advance should be scheduled, how many guests come to the barbecue. Who will bring what goodies for grilling, should be clarified before, so that salads, dips or drinks are not duplicated. You also know that a barbecue party will increase neighbors in time, this avoids beforehand disputes. On the day of the party, you can choose a suitable place for the grill. Is the best, man provides the new Avalon gas Grill by country man at a fixed level does not fall to the grill. Before receiving its guests, to preheating already the grill, so the grill fun can begin immediately. With these tips and a weather that is with nothing in the way is a perfect barbecue with Get more information and offers in the online shop by under. Contact: Plus online GmbH Wissollstrasse 5.43 45478 Mulheim an der Ruhr Tel: 0180 5 222533 Email: Internet: about first Internet shop of food discounters started in 2001, is today one of the most visited German online shops. “Under, offers a wide range of innovative and high quality products including small rates guarantee”. The company has its headquarters in Mulheim an der Ruhr and belongs to the network of the Tengelmann group.

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