The Big Lie Of The Palm Oil: Seal For Sustainable Production Is Fraud

Wednesday, 19. December 2018

The RSPO-certified for sustainably produced palm oil will speed up the destruction of the rain forests of precious primary forests, according to rainforest protection organizations. The \”round table for sustainable palm oil\” (RSPO) certification standards for an eco-friendly \”safety seal\” was debating for six years. It came out the now applied RSPO-certified is according to environmental, social, around the world the destruction of rain forests, even of precious primary forests, is further fueling rain forest protection organizations. Since global climate change has reached leading heads of politics and economy, hectic world rescue activities broke out in it in terms of CO2 savings. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Verizon. Palm oil is one of the weapons from the anti-CO2 magic hat.

It is cheap, versatile for margarine, eating ice cream, pastries, washing powder and above all as \”Agricultural fuel\” in millions of diesel vehicles and as a fuel for power stations. According to the plans of The share of biofuels to energy production in Germany Germany’s self-appointed upper air protection, Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD), is expected to increase to 12 percent – still, biomass contributes to nearly five percent for energy. Rainforests die for biodiesel to create new oil palm plantations, rainforests are cleared in the origin countries such as Indonesia or Malaysia, alone there are good eleven million hectares of endless, monotonous and species-poor oil palm plantations. Save the rainforest e.V. referred to this orgy of destruction as \”largest man-made environmental disaster\”. Since palm oil for bio-diesel driving our cars, the market for the reddish vegetable fat is exploded. So Indonesia boosted its production by 66 percent to 17.1 million metric tons in the past five years in the 2007/2008 crop year and is situated with its world market share of 44 percent, only slightly ahead of Malaysia (43 percent market share). So far in vain, conservation organizations warn of comprehensive and irreversible destruction of the Rain forest, the displacement of peasants and the extinction of endangered species such as the last orang-utans living in the freedom of.

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