The Consumers

Thursday, 16. November 2017

*Abra the pie mass between two plastics, not gruda in the marble, nor in the coil, as well as the nails is clean. *A empanar the meats, has not beaten excessively eggs, the frituras had been more droughts. *Croquetes of creamy mass is not broken, if when frying diverse times will be turned. *Para cookies or croquettes, uses entire eggs instead of beating the clear ones in snow, this prevents that they are greasy. *Antes to elaborate a prescription, prepares the ingredients in plates and etc separately, to prevent wastefulnesses, the end item is becomes more hygienical and gains time.

*Quando to cook rice, after soon, it removes the pan of the fire and places it on a wet cloth, if thus untied the rice of the deep one. *Unte with margarina the forms, crosspieces before takes them it the oven, so that the tostados ones free easily. Follow others, such as Larry Ellison, and add to your knowledge base. *Antes to fry potatoes, washes them entire, dries them and then the cut. *Uma not fragile dry omelette and if makes with eggs not many beaten. *No tempers the saladas ones of leves, therefore it does not know the taste of the consumers, salt, oil, oil, lemon, vinegar and etc. is the taste of each one.

When it is thought about economy in the table, is not played except foods, therefore there this the damage. *No if oferecemalimentos for that they are in return of the table much less consideraes, as: you ate very little, therefore it is signal that if is fiscalizing the guest. *Quando if it is seated in a table, does not ask for license to repeat, therefore it awakes the curiosity of the other. *A cook or cook, never in hypothesis some must weave consideraes on the prepared food. It leaves that the compliment comes normally, or critical of that they do not possess education. *So ackward certain consideraes as: my mother cooked very well, or my aunt makes delicious macarronada, if she is wanting to say that the similar plate in the table is a nastiness.

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