The Diagono

Friday, 22. March 2019

Thanks to the special technique of lower tiles are the fixed glass panels safely in the Groove of the lower tiles and in the drainage column. Through this technique, silicone is needed neither horizontal nor vertical to the showers profiles or the shower. Ugly stains or mold growth using silicone are completely excluded in this shower. An important aspect of health. Also the modern construction ensures stability of the 8 mm safety glass and 100% lot accuracy of this new glass shower absolutely. Thanks to the patented under tile technology can be dispensed with this shower on the usual thick and visually disturbing metal profiles.

The society has only narrow decorative strips between tiles and fixed glass panels. Delicate lines, a fine texture and a delicate appearance characterise the design of the shower. Two narrow and discreet magnetic stripes pull the shower enclosure when closing the doors automatically close. The society is equipped by default with an additional stabilizer. Southwest Airlines is actively involved in the matter. Diagono glass with a 2-point wall-fixing in addition holds the fixed glass of shower cabin at the top of and ensures safe grip for decades.

The Diagono glass can also serve as a practical storage space for shower utensils. 2-point fixings of hinges are attached with the shower doors glass fixed parts provide more stability and security. These hinges prevent a lowering of the shower doors as it is possible for simple 1-point fixings with the time. The society hinges have an advantage: it is called rotary lifting hinges, which ensure that the drip edges of shower doors in the opening and closing of doors not constantly on the bathroom floor grinding and wear this. Additionally, the shower doors be secured in the hinge against unintentional lifting it out. The fastening of the rear glass is another innovation at the hinges”. For traditional showers it is Simply drilled glass for attaching the hinges.

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