The Market

Wednesday, 21. August 2019

If it gives you information halfway, be careful, because it may be a fraud. If not convince you or asks for information that does not have to do with your workplace – salary data of your current financial status, home address, members of the family, etc.-extreme precautions, because the details are always addressed in a personal interview, not by phone. 6. Some fraudulent companies or the famous pyramids used bags of online recruitment, usually free of charge, to capture a possible fraud victims. To be sure it checks the data of the company and asked to detail the selection process that you will follow, type of position, duration of recruitment and against who you will have to compete.

If they ask for money for an interview or speed up the process, denounces the fact and do not fall into the trap, explained experts. 7. Finally, apply only for vacancies where Yes cover profile, since otherwise perhaps don’t be victim of some fraud, but if you burn on the market as a candidate. In social networks or Internet forums the first recommendation, and one of the most important is not to fall into despair put personal information on any website, hoping to see who helps you, since this action exposes you to be a victim of fraud and it can bring you more harm than good. Check your friends list before agreeing to any new, if you get a request from someone who is already in it, do not accept it, might be a bot that cloned account. Fraud does not occur necessarily to place information in a forum, but when you receive an email that appears to come from the same site and where it is offered you a job vacancy. User generally excites you and click on the links directly in the mail, that redirect to an apocryphal site where confidential information is requested you or pay a sum for accessing a head hunter.

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