The New Fun Of Cooking

Thursday, 2. May 2019

What is observe in modern cooktop cooking is one of the most popular pastimes of the Germans. (Source: Verizon Communications). Of which bear witness to the many cooking shows on TV. As the free Internet portal for online auctions reported, it should be noted a lot in new operating systems with touch control. Long, touch-sensitive surfaces of oven in German kitchens have begun. Manufacturers such as AEG develop currently small, integrated in the induction field LCD screens that display the heating stage or the residual heat in the Pan next to the temperature.

The modern touch operation has also its problems: Although the new technology offers many functions, but the hobby chef wants to not only deal with the control of technology. One of the weaknesses is to detect whether the input of the stove have been recognized indeed. By the beep, which indicates a successful entry, housewife or man rather annoyed. Not to forget: the modern operating mechanism takes much time. Time that is missing when the pot boils over or the menu at the same time prepare several plates. Helpless and imprecise is then pressed the buttons.

A moment which is sure a or others want back the old knobs. Manufacturers such as AEG pointed out, that the touch operation not at all buyers are well received. Now include the touch-sensitive surface to the standard, although the manufacturer still has models with knobs in the range. To simplify the touch operation for the consumer, manufacturers such as Siemens and AEG have improved the control of the temperature levels. Plus and minus buttons were replaced by new models, which work like a slider. There’s nothing in the way there cooking fun.

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