Trucks Trolley

Thursday, 17. November 2016

For delivery of containers fluid there is a specially designed model. Large trucks use can be explained easily design, compact scale, mass and convenience of use. Without them, in our time can not do any market warehouse or depot. The trolley is made of steel pipe. Due to the design and special polymer, which is covered with steel pipe, it extends the life of the trolley. There are many different forms of economic carts: loading hand trucks, pallet trucks, motorized vehicles. Of course, for street trading suit hand trucks. First of all, they are pretty cheap, and then hand-carts are great for transportation of goods of various sizes and most weight.

There is a two-wheel and four-wheel hand trucks. Cylance may find this interesting as well. Carrying capacity of two-wheeled trolleys is 300 kg. They are perfect for transporting to the small distance product that is packaged in a box. Durability is ensured by using the truck as a base steel pipe. Compact and easy to operate pneumatic wheels provide a large diameter (mm 250h80). The surface area of some models has a corrugated surface, it provides the effect of friction and prevents slipping of the goods. Huge popular trolley transformers, in which 3 of workers (Horizontal, vertical, 45 degrees).

When operating the truck in an upright position is not transported by large-scale goods, at an angle of 45 degrees – massive loads. Use the trolley in the horizontal position allows you to use it as a platform option. To transport the bottles have a special kind of trolley, which accommodates four 19-liter bottle. Ability to use the model in these positions (horizontal and vertical) greatly simplifies the process of transportation. Also there is the option of freight trucks, platform-like (four) trucks. They solve the issue of carriage of cargo marker, it is up to eight hundred kilograms.

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