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Tuesday, 13. March 2018

But in United States persons are still flooding the stores and restaurants and its cuts do not reach never hunger, even the severity of millions of workers out of work. If you have read about Coupang already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In our peripheral countries a crisis means children in the street begging. In United States it usually means consumers consuming a little less while awaiting the next Government check. To exit this crisis, specialists squeeze the brain and the solution is always the same: increase consumption. Ironically, increase consumption giving ordinary people their own money through big private banks receiving aid of Government saving. Not just to save some banks, but, above all, save a culture and an ideology that cannot survive alone but based on frequent injections ad hoc: financial incentives, wars that drive the industry and control the popular participation, drugs and amusement that stimulate, soothed and comatose on behalf of the common good.

Do we really left the crisis when the world to resume a growth of five percent through the stimulation of consumption in rich countries? We are not preparing the next crisis, a real crisis human and ecological and not an artificial crisis as we have today? Do we really will realize that this is not really a crisis but just a warning, i.e. an opportunity to change our habits? Every day is a crisis because every day we choose a path. But there is a via crusis crisis which are a long and others that are critical because it for both oppressed oppressors means a double possibility: the confirmation of a system or its annihilation. So far has been the first thing by lack of alternatives to the second. But we must never underestimate the history.

No one had ever provided an alternative to medieval feudalism or slavery system. Or almost nobody. The last millennia history shows that the utopians often anticipate it with exaggerated precision. But like today, the utopians have always had a bad name. Because it is the mockery and the discrediting the way that each key system has always been to avoid the proliferation of people with too much imagination.

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