Universal Declaration

Thursday, 3. October 2019

Freedom and equality are concepts. Not facts. A theoretical abstraction. The equality and freedom state is constructed in accordance with determined ethical standards and politicians of the society. Nobody or no society is or already it was fully free and equal. The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights says: ' ' all the men are free and equal ' '. But it is enough to observe to its return, or same to observe its proper condition human being who will perceive that this idea is false. The only state of factual equality is the will on something.

When two people want the same thing they become equal. when the will of two people exists on a thing appears the competition. Therefore the equality state is, in the essence, the state of war, competition between the people. Get more background information with materials from cyrus findshadow. The freedom is, literally, the opposition absence. Thus being never freedom will exist that coexists equality harmonic, therefore, if the equality state alone if legitimizes under the control of an authority, where two people must share ' ' objeto' ' or desired objective, them will not be free fully. From this point of view, the concepts of freedom and equality shock with the slight knowledge of rights and necessary duties to the harmonic convivncia of any society.

An individual to have rights it must fulfill duties. the fulfilment of duties consists of accepting the opposition to the proper will. In other words, the freedom of an individual finishes when the freedom of its next one starts. The slight knowledge of freedom and equality that permeiam our society, our laws, our rights and duties had been constructed in accordance with the bourgeois ethics, in a capitalist society. This notion of freedom is on to the capacity to diminish the oppositions ece of fishes to the proper wills through the economic forces. In a similar way one attributes the meaning of freedom to the capacity to acquire corporeal properties in function of the flow of necessary production and consumption to the capitalist world.

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