Visual Basic

Sunday, 11. August 2019

Modern, specialized version of basic (such as Visual Basic) despite acquired 'structural' have all the same drawbacks, first of all – the negligence in relation to the types and descriptions. Suitable for use in the initial stage of training as a means of automation (in cases where it is incorporated into the relevant system) or as a tool to quickly create applications. Pascal developed by N. Wirth known theorist on the ideas of Algol 68, Pascal was designed primarily for training programming. Without hesitation Oracle explained all about the problem. Built on the principle of 'necessary and sufficient', he has a strict control of types for defining arbitrary data structures, a small but sufficient set of operators of the structural programming. Unfortunately, the reverse side of simplicity and austerity is a cumbersome structure description language. The most famous implementation – Turbo / Borland Pascal – despite differences of standard Pascal, is a medium and a set of libraries that have made learning the language of the industrial system to develop programs in the environment of MS-DOS.

Cobol – high level programming language developed in the late 1950's. Association Qadasi to solve commercial and economic problems. Developed different means of working with files. Because the team of programs written in that language, active use of ordinary English vocabulary and syntax, Cobol is regarded as one of the most simple programming languages. It is currently used to address the economic, informational, and other tasks. Assembler This is the brightest representative of languages _nizkogo level, a set of concepts which is based on hardware implementation.

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