Visual Data Migration

Monday, 22. April 2019

Embarcadero reveals the latest version of the Datenmodellierungs software data migration – a major step forward for the IT compliance, SOA and data storage areas. Munich, December 2008 – Administrator of large amounts of data, such as company, future data migration from the origin to the final destination completely understand. The latest development from the House of Embarcadero makes it possible with their model-driven approach: the ER/Studio 8.0 software contains the new function Visual data lineage, a Visual representation of data migration. Database architect to solve many problems in the areas of data integration, consolidation and compliance. With ER/Studio 8.0 companies can follow for the first time, what distances have covered their internal data.

Administrators can perform impact analysis between data source and-zielort and clearly document how get data from one place to another. For this purpose, they must analyze any source code. There are more and more regulations in the area of IT compliance,\”says Ron Lewis, CDO technologies security analyst. It is becoming increasingly important to uncover the origin of data and document, data migration must therefore be clearly understandable. With his new function Visual data lineage ER / Studio 8.0 simplifies the tracking ‘ data in flat files and databases. So we can see the data of our customers easier. This has positive implications for many fields, such as about the data integration, SOA migration or comply with regulatory security requirements.\” Compare flags on object level, as well as the support of the database include the integration of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), sub modeling at the attribute level, other key features of the new ER / Studio 8.0 management system (DBMS) for Sybase IQ 12.5 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The key new features and benefits of ER/Studio 8.0 Overview: Visual data lineage: simplifies the Visual representation of the origin, movement, and change data in a company Worker processes.

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