Tuesday, 6. August 2019

Consider the technology to safeguard timber for storage in warehouses or businesses Timber bases. Atmospheric sushkPosle sawing timber, delivered to a warehouse company or Timber base (you need to articulate all of these conditions) it should be posted on the strip thickness is 20 mm – for purging a package of natural air flows. The best option – place packages on the cushions under a canopy to exclude the effects of precipitation. At least it will give the opportunity to protect the timber for the season. Not be covered piled in the packages lumber natural moisture polymer films – it will only speed up the development of blue stain fungi and mold, simply put, in pe, he "suffocated". Chemical metodOpredelennye climatic conditions conducive to the formation of the wood stain, mildew and insect activity stipulate that the pretreatment of wood chemicals is the only possible way to protect it. Today in our country made a lot of transport of agents capable of protecting timber for a period of 4 to 8 months.

Transport antiseptic – a special structure, designed to protect the timber during storage or transport timber of natural moisture. The combination of antiseptics new generation is such that upon expiration, they decompose into the wood surface, and from them no trace remains. New generations of vehicles antiseptics for treatment of lumber not only provide effective protection for wood raw materials from fungus, mold and activities insects, but also meet all safety and environmental protection. All of these preservatives are made in the form of liquid concentrates, which allows you to quickly prepare a working solution. Processing of sawn timber Transport antiseptics are recommended immediately after cutting or sawing, within 24 hours.

Spores of various fungi can grow deep into the timber at 5-7 mm per day. Therefore, the sooner will be made processing of timber, the more likely preservation of timber in its pristine beauty. Employees of enterprises – producers of lumber should be able to choose the right concentration of working solution Transport antiseptic to provide protection for wood. To do this, follow the guidance instructions, and consult with experts. One way of applying a protective composition for the treatment Wood – immersion in a bath with her exposure in timber no more than two minutes to ensure the security of the normalized flow per unit area or kibichesky meter of wood. Not recommended antiseptirovanie lumber stacked in tight packs. For treatment of timber used spray chamber. Such a method has a drawback – the processing speed is very low timber, impregnation performed the piece. This kind of treatment is especially effective for protection of logs and profiled bar used in the production of complete sets of houses. Cost of processing one cubic meters of timber protection products according to the section is 30-100 rubles. -drugs

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