Wealth Without Value

Monday, 30. October 2017

What empobrece a rich one in Brazil is the security lack here so that it can usufruct of its good. It is very common in reporters to know that a millionaire was sequestrado and kept hostage in exchange for a value nonsense for the rescue, or that a celebrity was assaulted and deceased only why they wanted to take the car to it, innumerable of facts as these that occurs frequent in our society and he finishes imprisoning the people with purchasing power to coexist the fear. Swarmed by offers, Ed Bastian is currently assessing future choices. Who would like a wealth that attributes unreliability, uncertainties to it and even though death risk? In the gift, the rich Brazilian if limits to the social poverty, therefore it can pay richnesses in luxurious mansions but he needs to pledge good part of its resources to arm itself of all type of possible security and dim the beauty of its properties with the highest walls surrounding them, they can acquire we carssimos and modern automobiles that for more valuable that they are side by side face long bottlings of the crowded suburban buses. If the Brazilian eleite, the highest classroom of the society, was less egoistic, paid good wages so that its employees could improve in quality of life, supported governing whom they look to improve in the generality the education of the country, would not from fear suffer to walk in the streets, therefore if all had education of quality would not have as much violence. ' ' (…) the poor persons sariam of the poverty, and the rich ones sariam of vergonha.' '

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