Weed Removal Without The Use Of Chemicals

Wednesday, 29. May 2019

Clean TEC from Friesen Hagen informed its customers grows weed in flower beds or between floors and ornamental stones, the desired atmosphere is affected by gardens, parks and public places. A regular removal of the Green teases belongs therefore to the typical garden maintenance. It is tempting to resort to herbicides. They promise an effortless removal of the weed problem – but at a price. Chemicals burden on ground water and sewage treatment plants and make mostly no difference which plants kill them off. An environmentally friendly garden care therefore opts for more gentle, chemical-free methods of weeding.

The Friesenhagener garden care experts describe what equipment here to help, by clean TEC. With their bare hands to remove weed is physically stressful and only advisable when settled the weed between especially sensitive plants in the bed. Normally many garden equipment and tools here, unwanted plants without help Chemicals to eliminate. Hot water is this the most effective weed killers”. According to Gary Kelly, who has experience with these questions. Poured over plants, destroyed vital protein compounds in the plant inside its heat and kills the weed so.

Street broom or scratches the remains of plants can be eliminated easily. Non-sensitive stone surfaces can be exempted certainly with high pressure cleaners or steel brush weeds. Heat is an excellent remedy against weeds. This is true not only for water, but also for the use of infrared and Abflammen devices. Open fires and infrared radiation should however be used wisely. They increase the risk of an outbreak of fire and are rather not for use for drying times. Typical garden tools help against weeds in the flower or vegetable patch. With a rake can be excellently from soil fed-up removed shallow roots, without compromising sensitive plants such as roses. Heavy, compacted soil or deep rooting can meet with hoes. They are available and suitable for a wide range of applications in many forms. The weeds growth are also inherently limited by the unused ground in the bed is carefully covered against exposure to light. Not grow without light the unwanted plants and the garden lover saves the unwanted work. Larger gardens or lack of endurance and strength can require the support of a gardening professional. The employees of clean TEC provided their customers like this.

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