Wild Animals

Saturday, 8. December 2018

In 2005, in the State of So Paulo, the apprehended irregular wild animals arrive the 30 a thousand species approximately. Certainly a small parcel of the trafficked sum. In short, we come across with the following one I contest: High indices of huntings of animals wild; Indicative of reduction of the population in the nature threatened of local and global extinguishing ' ' empty forests? ; Demand of proprietors of particular areas interested in resetting of fauna and flora. 2? Brazilian legislation on the traffic of Wild Animals OF the CRIMES AGAINST the FAUNA: ART.29. To kill, to pursue, to hunt, to apanhar, to use specimens of the wild fauna, native or in migratory route, without the had permission, license or authorization of the competent authority, or in disagreement with the gotten one: Penalty-detention of six months to one year, and fines. 1. It incurs into the same penalties: l – who hinders the procreation of the fauna, without license, authorization or in disagreement with the gotten one; l – who modifies, damages or destroys natural nests, shelters or criadouros; l – who vende, displays for sale, exports or acquires, keeps, has in captivity or deposits, uses or carries eggs, larvae or specimens of the wild fauna. Native or in migratory route, as well as products objects of it deriving, proceeding from not authorized criadouros or without the had license, permission or authorization of the competent authority.

2. In the guard case it domesticates of threatened not considered wild species of extinguishing, can the judge, to consider the circumstances, to leave to apply to the penalty. 3. They are specimens of the wild, all those pertaining to the native, migratory species and any others, aquatic or terrestrial fauna that have all or part of its cycle of life occurring inside of the limits of the Brazilian territory or in Brazilian territorial waters.

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