Wine Regions

Friday, 31. May 2019

Inforrmation about French wine regions and travel in France France is not famous for its wines. French wines are immensely varied, which is because that also the country with its different wine-growing of areas is very diverse. A small difference in the climate, as it is very well between different regions of France, can be sufficient to produce a completely different wine. One of the most important wine regions of France, where about one-third of all French wines are produced is of the Bordeaux region of France. It is located on the French Atlantic coast around the city of Bordeaux. Even within the Bordeaux region of France, the conditions vary so widely that caused the most diverse wines and grape varieties. Learn more at this site: Verizon Communications.

The most famous is arguably the Cabernet Sauvignon. This is served like cheese. There are also white Sauvignon, which is suitable particularly well as a beverage to seafood of all kinds. French wines are grown but not only on the coast, but even in the vicinity of the capital Paris. The Bourgogne begins a hundred kilometers south of the capital and about 360 kilometers, extends to Lyon. There are forward red and white wines, all the Beaujolais wine and the Chablis wine. Likes red wines of the region are passed Burgundy to ox and wild, while white wines to snails and crabs.

The region of Alsace in the northeast of the country produces famous French wines. The most famous wine from Alsace is the Riesling, a lovely wine, which goes well with other specialties of the region, such as Bacon and sauerkraut. Alternatively, you may submit also the Gewurztraminer, which is also native to this region, to these regional specialities. The Gewurztraminer with the fruity aroma is probably one of the most diverse wines in France, so you can eat it with cheese, fish or dessert. He fits perfectly even to foreign cuisine. French wines are not only unusual, how about the Gewurztraminer, but also quite practical, such as those that that are grown in the largest French wine region on the Mediterranean coast. This area is enclosed by the Spanish border on the one hand and on the other hand from the Rhone Delta. Here, in particular a variety of red wines and also the most country wines are grown. Again, the locally produced wine is checked and improved on its quality. So about trying to positively influence the taste, by building on different grape varieties. Who knows French wines and loves, has also already travelled the Provence. And if not, he should get to the baldestmoglich. Because this region in the southeast of France is famous especially for rose wine. There is also a white wine which is characterised by its special drought and often even tingling. A bouillabaisse or a Salade Nicoise it would be almost a crime to have some other wine. Who has already travelled this wine regions and knows their products, for which there is to discover the still new, for example in the Cote de Rhone, where it heavy Red wines with an above-average alcohol content is, or in South-Western of France. As you can see, France is a tremendously diverse country, what about the wine. Here, everyone will discover a product that corresponds to his personal preferences, whether it is red wine, white wine or rose. And even those who try again and again new, definitely not boring.

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