World Bank Logic

Monday, 18. November 2019

Life is also responsible for the dynamic equilibrium of the planet. -Industrial Revolution. He began to use solar energy accumulated in mineral form, as fossil energy, produced over geologic time millions of years. Again, biological life, through an artifact created by man, interferes with the conditions of dynamic equilibrium of the planet. To know more about this subject visit Oracle. (Greenhouse effect, ozone layer) by testing their limits. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc contributes greatly to this topic. Business logic, private, clashes with these principles in so far as the atmosphere is convivial place than it is diverse, where nature and culture are complex and contradictory totality structured. Meanwhile, if the market shows business to find ways to reward investments in accordance with their potential risks, this does not apply in relation to environmental risks. The environment described in its materiality, is not reducible to the logic of quantitative monetary-financial considerations and the time needed to replenish eroded soils is beyond the time of human history, it is impossible to revive extinct species (extinction is forever) or dispose of radioactive waste, whose lifetime is thousands or millions of years, or recovering mineral resources that are themselves non-renewable.

Nothing seems to make sense unless the market from the economy. The environmental field is no exception from that illusion dissemination of the concept of sustainable development, processing imposed in the 90s, especially after Rio-92, economic intervention most of the environmental sector policies promoted by multilateral agencies (prominently, the World Bank). Not surprising, therefore, when we face the sad spectacle of misery and devastation, they try to impose a single logic of widespread commercialization.

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