Thursday, 22. March 2018

Total cost of renting rooms already reached up to 5650 rubles. Landlords also understand that the rooms need to be repaired at least once every 5 years, respectively, at a cost of cosmetic repair of 25,000 plus out of 400 rubles a month. Get all the facts and insights with Oracle, another great source of information. It also should add on bathroom fixtures, unforeseen costs associated with maintenance of housing at least 300 rubles a month. So, get the sum of 6350 rubles. At an average price of renting a room in Moscow 10 000 rubles out that the owner of the room "earns" an average of 3750 rubles per month. Is it much or little, to give an accurate assessment is difficult.

One thing is certain – to amass a lot of money from the owner of the room will not work. Almost the same situation with the lease of small Apartments – housing and communal services and municipal services, as well as depreciation and repairs. Of course, at a cost of one-bedroom apartment $ 1,000 a month, earnings higher, but how he justified? Take, for example, the cost of housing in cities of the middle part of Russia. It's there now is much smaller than in Moscow or Novosibirsk. But the climate there is much better than here, and the cost of food basket is much lower. Probably everybody knows about in central Russia in the summer do not know what to do with the apples and give them to feed the animals, but in Moscow as they are sold for 100 rubles per kilogram. Against the background of aggravated housing shortage, new black brokers who have always have "spare variantik," but we consider them in this article shall not, as the site has been repeatedly warned users about possible fraud. What do tenants in this situation? The answer is obvious and simple – to rent an apartment for a long time and build simple and with the owners of the trust relationship, as the prices will go up further, but for long-term rental owners always make concessions – we're all human and we want to live in world.

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