The Rights Owner Of The Premises

Monday, 22. April 2019

The rights of the owner of the premises Quite often, the rights owner of the premises misinterpreted by the homeowners. Consider as an example, an ordinary case from practice – Rent an apartment from the owner. A employer for nearly three months renting a room in an apartment with the owner of the premises. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Verizon Communications on most websites. When signing the contract of lease of housing premises owner looked very presentable, did not inspire fear and suspicion. Verizon Communications often says this. Master Apartment was really sober and adequate human, but also he was very curious and inquisitive.

Every day the tenant reproaches that he was late coming home, leads friends and girlfriends and in general he must have settled down to live quietly. Careful inspection of personal belongings were even lodger. The owner of the premises would open the room with his key employer and is scrutinized by the state of housing and personal belongings of tenants. When an employer patience ran out, realizing that an amicable agreement does not, he was forced to leave the rented room, before the term specified in the contract of employment premises. Of course this is not crime situation in the market rent. The owners of the premises, are almost always afraid of something.

The main thing that frightens them, is that the employer will ruin the property in an apartment, or that and look at all of its sleeping neighbors or flood below. That's why so many of roomer goes global surveillance. The owner of the premises may appear suddenly, without a call to open the door using a duplicate key to delve into personal matters tenant and so on. The principal and the principal argument, it is covered as a shield – "my living space, and then I want to be back directly." While not all owners take all the realities of the real estate rental market, as you need to do it. This is most likely due to the fact that for many years in our country institute homeowners absent as such, and in fact, people living in their apartments, were not their lawful owners. It is necessary to have passed some time before they begin to realize that the rent – it's business. And so, landlord is not 'sir', and offers his apartment, under a contract of employment for temporary use for the money. And business – is business. In this case, no get, without investing money, get more profit. Any business requires investment in development. There also needs to invest in premises, make repairs, buy furniture and a good plumber, develop my apartment so it was nice to live to employers and apartment rental does not deliver hassle. But most homeowners are trying to still do not advertise your business. In many ways, this is due to the fact that envious neighbors may find out that apartment for rent in hiring and notify the appropriate regulatory authorities. And since most of the apartments for rent in Russia and unofficially the owners do not pay real estate taxes, this is another stumbling block between an employer and landlord. Therefore there are any additional requirements for tenant, sometimes very silly. The man does not understand why paying a flat, he has no the right to bring family and friends.

Kirov Approved

Friday, 15. March 2019

Recreation and money. The first gives rise to a second, while the second gives rise to the first. Create in our city has many recreational areas, "medium quality" or to spend money on small, but the ones that will be landmarks in full sense of the word? Is it profitable to invest in the rest kirovchan and how much profit can be extracted from this … Vasily YUMSHANOV (Jr.) The appearance of the major Russian cities from year to year is rapidly changing. Places for rest and park areas were gradually replaced with modern new buildings. Sometimes they try to stylize the antique, as in Moscow, sometimes simply crossed off the list of protected zones, as in St.

Petersburg. In 2005, the administration of the Kirov Approved the list of formal recreation facilities. Now in Kirov in total there are 15 parks, 28 parks, a promenade and several water bodies. Others who may share this opinion include Robert Gibbins. Build anything in those areas officially prohibited, unless due to the improvement of recreational areas. Vitaly Perestoronin: "We now have a document showing all recreation areas, and where construction is officially prohibited. For example, the list was listed in a children's park, "Apollo." Most of it was saved, although earlier bound recreation extended until Herzen Street.

We have today few furnished places. Green space is also sorely lacking. As environmental regulations on a man, there should be 15 square meters. We only have about six. For lack of available space for construction use yards or open spaces. In Moscow, this phenomenon began to fight.

Mediterranean Real Estate

Sunday, 13. May 2018

The latter idea seems the most realistic, especially given the sharp falling quality of life in metropolitan areas and "comfort zones" with them, successive failures of "promising areas" and development of communication technologies. More and more wealthy people tend to move in Mediterranean Sea. Along with tourism, this trend has led to a massive building of Spanish, Portuguese, and later – Greek, Italian, and finally the Croatian coast. Prices in 1990 rose more than tenfold. Given the reduction of free coastline (in addition to cities and ports are under construction), investment in nursing homes, hotels, cottage villages just look very forward-thinking. However, not all that easy. Economic development bad for the ecology of the Mediterranean Sea: today there are an average of 1900 foreign objects in a square.

km, in water, diluted 33 types of pollutants. The sharp deterioration of conditions along much of the coast in the next 5-7 years may reduce the quality assessment in many areas. South European countries were in economic impasse, which, of course, affect the infrastructure, but in the long term and at the level of service. Apparently, it is understood and Buyers: Spain real estate sales have fallen for two years by 46%! The secondary market on the European coast is actually gone, and the current rental rates do not bring the owners and 2% per annum – and this against the background of the imminent explosion of inflation! Natural to assume that the stagnation of the market last decade, and prices will long look for a bottom. At the forefront areas where today a stable market, quality infrastructure, environment and much better than prospects are high.

This coast of Israel. Israel greatly simplified the process of purchasing real estate by foreigners, to her great interest the citizens of the United States, Europe and Russia. Phil Vasan usually is spot on. Build quality, with This real estate prices in Israel are stable. In general, if the property is behaving "like a bond," it is usually a bad bond. Investors should note that property a worthwhile investment, this investment in terms "Action" and should buy only from the "growth story" and in any case – with the "history of present value." The best option – "preference share": overseas property in Israel with high potential and a constant income. Even the 'eternal Israel-Arab conflict "absolutely no effect on the real estate market in Israel. And the long-term investments should be on this real estate market abroad.


Thursday, 22. March 2018

Total cost of renting rooms already reached up to 5650 rubles. Landlords also understand that the rooms need to be repaired at least once every 5 years, respectively, at a cost of cosmetic repair of 25,000 plus out of 400 rubles a month. Get all the facts and insights with Oracle, another great source of information. It also should add on bathroom fixtures, unforeseen costs associated with maintenance of housing at least 300 rubles a month. So, get the sum of 6350 rubles. At an average price of renting a room in Moscow 10 000 rubles out that the owner of the room "earns" an average of 3750 rubles per month. Is it much or little, to give an accurate assessment is difficult.

One thing is certain – to amass a lot of money from the owner of the room will not work. Almost the same situation with the lease of small Apartments – housing and communal services and municipal services, as well as depreciation and repairs. Of course, at a cost of one-bedroom apartment $ 1,000 a month, earnings higher, but how he justified? Take, for example, the cost of housing in cities of the middle part of Russia. It's there now is much smaller than in Moscow or Novosibirsk. But the climate there is much better than here, and the cost of food basket is much lower. Probably everybody knows about in central Russia in the summer do not know what to do with the apples and give them to feed the animals, but in Moscow as they are sold for 100 rubles per kilogram. Against the background of aggravated housing shortage, new black brokers who have always have "spare variantik," but we consider them in this article shall not, as the site has been repeatedly warned users about possible fraud. What do tenants in this situation? The answer is obvious and simple – to rent an apartment for a long time and build simple and with the owners of the trust relationship, as the prices will go up further, but for long-term rental owners always make concessions – we're all human and we want to live in world.

Investment Guide

Sunday, 13. August 2017

Compared to the prices per square foot in a studio apartment in the same area (20000-22000) difference is significant, but if we start from the total cost of ready housing it was probably the most affordable option for the price. After the final resolution of all formalities had been acquired in the Dormitory area of 14 square Cheryomushki. meters for 390 000 rubles. Since the amount of payments on the loan was sufficient great for families whose income was 20,000 rubles. originally anticipated when planning the purchase in the future leasing of the purchased apartment, which was done. Previous owners Dormitory also rented housing tenants, of course, did not want to move and signed a tenancy agreement with new owners.

As a result, if you make monthly payments to the bank in 7500 rubles., Including the repayment of the loan principal and interest payments part in the amount of 3800 rubles. For more information see Ron O’Hanley. “earned” the apartment itself. Shortly after the transaction began to change and the price of the property market. During 2006 and early 2007 the cost of housing has increased significantly. This is now Dormitory 700 000 rub., ie one square meter of housing will cost 50,000 rubles.

that, if we speak honestly, do not match the quality of housing, and most of all a price per square meter is suitable for housing, business class. Perhaps customers time to think about selling. By the way in Bulgaria, 30-40 km away from Varna, as is a two-story house with a plot, and in Latin America with the money you can buy a couple of hundred meters a nice beach. Profit based commission realtors, income tax on amounts received for the lease as a contract of employment and payment of utilities would have to date 280 000 rubles. or about 70% per annum. Predict something in the property market applied to this situation is difficult: on the one hand the construction boom, a growing number of housing put into operation, and the quality of these existing clients – investors, housing is poor. On the other – cheaper offers almost none, but an increasing number of offers mortgage loans must provide a high demand for housing such a plan. The possible introduction of a tax on property with a market value of the property makes the situation even more uncertain. This article was prepared draft (): Investment Guide in the financial world, all about finances and sources of additional income, rates of brokers, interest rates on deposits and investments in the securities market, foreign exchange speculation, asset management, Pif, OFBU, analytics.

Buying A Villa In Cyprus

Sunday, 21. February 2016

'Paradise Island', 'Paradise on Earth' – not once refer to Cyprus. This beautiful Mediterranean island draws attention to entrepreneurs as well as lures to their visitors. Those who want to discover paradise on earth, come on Cyprus on holiday, and those who want to profitably invest and buy property Cyprus offers excellent conditions. Lapped on all sides gently blue sea waters, pogruzayuschy the green pine forests, Cyprus is designed to a life of luxury and cozy. Impregnated with scent of pine needles fresh mountain air, unspoiled beaches and beautiful landscape – it is a unique interweaving of components is the main property of this island, which is not lose their value over time. That's why buying property in Cyprus, even during the financial meltdown – is a profitable investment funds.

Buying Property in Cyprus – it's easy! Much of the structure of firms engaged implementation and construction of real estate in Cyprus, did not abandon production work at its facilities, including in times of crisis. At this time, buy a house or villa in this little corner of paradise on the perhaps very profitable conditions – by professionals-realizer will help you with registration of property rights. A huge advantage of Cyprus is also in the fact that the government of the island, is interested in foreign inflows Capital, provides property buyers in Cyprus simple scheme of obtaining legal citizenship as well as obtaining all the necessary papers. Dreaming to live luxuriously, surrounded by the natural and ancient monuments? Get a Mediterranean estate Cyprus Paphos, Limassol, Polis – these are just a small list of areas in which place you prodostavlyaetsya the opportunity to stay, becoming the full owner of their home or villa. Perhaps, anyone who wants to strengthen its status, is interested in buying luxury homes.

Property in Cyprus – the accommodation category of VIP. And this luxury is now becoming readily available due to the interesting terms of the acquisition, which offer their customers order firms operating in the Mediterranean Sea. Reliable, durable housing in Cyprus, which will serve several generations of your owners – this long-term investment capital. Between the huge selection of proposals for the property market is sure to send your view on the company Petevinos Grup, which selects for the construction of real estate the most picturesque best areas with rapidly growing infrastructure. You never have to regret the deal generated because of the housing Petevinos Grup – absolute quality at a reasonable cost. Take your time to enjoy life! We always welcome you to Cyprus.

Social Security

Thursday, 18. February 2016

One of the major real estate obstacles faced by foreign investors in Turkey were the bureaucratic hurdles for the purchase of land by Turkish firms which have foreign shareholders. The law says that firms based in Turkey and foreign-owned, may acquire ownership and other similar rights in real property in Turkey. Acquisition of real estate directly to foreign firms still remain prohibited. Foreign individuals can buy property on condition of reciprocity, with registration at the Land Registry Office, as before. Dispute Resolution From the legal point of view, foreign investors have ability to make commercial disputes to international arbitration and international courts. Indecision and debate on the issue stems more from the reluctance of the authorities to transfer Turkish legal disputes to the jurisdiction of any bodies other than the Turkish courts. Apparently, in order to create more convenience for foreign investors, the Act makes it clear that recourse to domestic and international arbitrators and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms available to foreign investors of capital. Despite the fact that the formulation of the principle in itself encouraging, is to some extent for the benefit of foreign investors if they can convince the Turkish side of the dispute to resolve it is not Turkish, and other courts.

Hiring Foreign nationals to work The main condition for hiring foreign nationals to work in Turkey is still is an official permit. Work Permits are no longer subject to the jurisdiction of GUII, according to released in the past year, the Law 4817 "On the work permits of foreign Citizens' permits are issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. According to the Law 4817 the procedure for obtaining a work permit does not become easier than ever before, are only major exception of specialists and control firm. The main thing of Foreign Investment Law GUII much limited role GUII, except for preserved competence of the Office to issue a permit to open office or contact to deny them. The law requires foreign investors to provide the Office of certain statistical data which it may request from time to time. The Act confirms that in this way provided information can be used for statistical purposes only and in no case will not be used as the basis for any claims it.

Terms of use Support For Foreign Investors Act repeats well-established principle that they are guaranteed equal treatment with local investors. An interesting fact is that despite all efforts to attract foreign capital, the Act does not provide tax or any other methods of stimulation, designed exclusively for foreign investors. In addition, we can say that the law again and again reminds us that the requisition and nationalization are permissible only in cases necessary for the public good and only the payment of adequate compensation. Conclusion In any case the law is a big step in the right direction. Thanks to him, the ability of foreign investors to make investments in Turkey have greatly improved. We hope that the drastic changes in legislation will help to attract new investors to the Turkish economy.

Deputy Chairman

Monday, 28. July 2014

Sergei Kolesnikov, Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Health: – Quite often, when it comes to medical error, the cause of treatment failure are the physiological characteristics of the patient. But even if the wine will be set medic, he with his income from 7 to 20 thousand rubles compensate for the millions in losses to human health will not be able to. Can not insure their employees and medical institutions, because they have mostly low. How could they take that kind of money? But insurance companies gladly will take up the matter. And the experience of the introduction of CTP is confirmed. Due to the fact that almost 50% of all collected from motorists money is the insurance companies, they are fabulously rich, though with the doctors, Of course, such a fantastic enrichment will not work. In my opinion, insurance, physicians should take on the state.

But try to talk about this with the gentlemen of the Ministry of Finance – and then run into a brick wall. They are better will give the money the U.S. mortgage agencies and let them burn up there, but the development of the Russian insurance market will not give a dime. To address this issue, we need political will of the president or prime minister. Paul Vorobiev, MD, director of standardization in health care MMA.

Sechenov: – medical professional liability insurance – a key element of a civilized and Health to our country as air. It will give both doctors and patient confidence in the fact that, even if contrary to the use of modern technology comes the negative outcome of treatment, patients can receive financial compensation. But for a start in this country should be provided quality health care, and this is just a big problem. Do not put us so far and the quality standards of medical services, although more than 600 projects Standards have been developed and submitted to officials from the Health Ministry, but over the past year and a half has not been approved, not one.

Information Technology Centre

Friday, 9. September 2011

There are three main classes: the rich (VIP) -5%, middle class, 70%, 25% of municipalities, with a ‘municipal’ means a category of people living in homes with small cascading adjacent plot of land, mainly for the operation of the settlement (for example, doctors, teachers, technicians, etc.). The existence of such categories of people as municipal will ‘revive’ a settlement – will work infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, health, sports and leisure facilities, services, housing and subsistence, etc., eliminating the need to deliver outside relevant personnel. RICH (VIP) and the middle class will deal with its core business because the distance to 30km (15-20 minutes by car), Cellular Communications, Bank, Internet, allows us to solve any problem without leaving the limits’ Ural settlement. ” 3.Vsya settlement infrastructure linked through a local data-processing network, which operates on the principle of local Internet network that will affect the livelihoods of each element of the infrastructure, and residents of the settlement provide superkomfortnoe residence. With this system running in real time, disappear from such defects as lack of timely resource payments.

Instant tracking and troubleshooting of networks and systems, the settlement will save resources and much more. 4. To ensure the sustainable development of tribal villages’ Ural settlement “provided sufficient unit of social programs and formed ‘growth point’: Relax center with specialized park and hotel, sports center with ski (technical) track and camping, public and trade center with open leisure platforms, Industrial Zone (industrial park) with a “flexible” tunable technology, a unique school, children’s recreational centers, branch banks with electronic payment of all services in real time, Information Technology Centre with the local network settlement Innovation – an intellectual center, “green” business offices, Temple, Administrative block, Liaison Office, parking lots, service station, gas station, service security, fire protection and much more. 5. Individual houses also have a gradation in size (from 150 to 450 m2) that will generate sufficient kontengent city-forming frame and close all the social niches. Housing construction and social – Adapted: open to all forms of participation of full funding to ‘samostroya’ 6.

“Ural-sloboda’ small pole of sustainable development in future will be an open air museum, center of new building developments, social, legal, city-forming, information and other technologies. But ultimately the project ‘Ural settlement’ contribute to the sound development of new territories, abandoned Populated areas, and as a consequence – CONSERVATION nation’s gene pool, demography and human reproduction FUTURE. Based on the foregoing settlement is proposed to use the ‘Ural settlement’ as a social EXPERIMENT supported by the Ministry of Construction and the Sverdlovsk region of relevant agencies, as a testing ground – an open air museum, a settlement – a model for testing and generation of design principles, Construction on the latest technologies and social functioning – adapted, stable, ‘smart’ settlement of building a mentality among the younger generation, developments and implementation of social programs for all segments of the population. The ‘Tribal village’ settlement”Ural awarded two medals and 27 diplomas. Published a series of articles on low-rise building on a small pole sustainable development ‘Ural settlement ‘. Developed and published recommendations for the construction of similar settlements with nauchnoobosnovannymi parameters in order to save money and time resources of investors.

Commercial Real Estate Portal

Thursday, 4. August 2011

Commercial real estate portal of St. Petersburg. Created in May 2010, a group of experts from different fields. The main objective of the project to ensure a comprehensive, useful and relevant information, so to speak an office, those who in any way connected with the commercial real estate in St. Petersburg. The goal of "real estate portal of St. Petersburg." Creating a database of commercial real estate market participants St.

Petersburg with the contacts and the description of the scope of activity. Construction companies. Commercial real estate agency. (Ithaca, Alexander) Project Office. Legal Office.

Management companies. (Theorem Rosstroy) Investment organizations. Building holdings. (Adamant, LSR Group). Create a directory of commercial property with a full description of the following categories. Business Centers. (Various classifications) shopping malls. Shopping and Entertainment Complex. Office Centers. Business centers. Warehouses. Warehouses and Terminals. Premises. Information support of commercial real estate market participants. Analytics commercial real estate. Rental rates. -Become a lift from a rental store under Pyaterochka – News about the real estate market, you may find useful. Base commercial real estate. Opportunity Buy database of commercial real estate. Includes. Object types: office, warehouse, shop, commercial premises, multi-purpose room, storage room, a point of sale. Floor area. Rental rate per square per month. The district location of the object. The exact address of the premises. Type of rooms heated, not heated, low temperature. Features a commercial object. Ability to access around the clock. Available generating capacity. The presence of other sources of fuel (gas). The height of the gate. The presence of dust devil flat floors. Entrance euro trucks for warehouses and industrial buildings. The presence of additional conditions: road train branch and the crane. Whether objects are equipped with telecommunications. (Telephone, internet). The presence of the alarm system. Conclusion: testing the products of the commercial real estate portal, you can save a lot of time and money. Over time you can give up other expensive tools.