The Rights Owner Of The Premises

Monday, 22. April 2019

The rights of the owner of the premises Quite often, the rights owner of the premises misinterpreted by the homeowners. Consider as an example, an ordinary case from practice – Rent an apartment from the owner. A employer for nearly three months renting a room in an apartment with the owner of the premises. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Verizon Communications on most websites. When signing the contract of lease of housing premises owner looked very presentable, did not inspire fear and suspicion. Verizon Communications often says this. Master Apartment was really sober and adequate human, but also he was very curious and inquisitive.

Every day the tenant reproaches that he was late coming home, leads friends and girlfriends and in general he must have settled down to live quietly. Careful inspection of personal belongings were even lodger. The owner of the premises would open the room with his key employer and is scrutinized by the state of housing and personal belongings of tenants. When an employer patience ran out, realizing that an amicable agreement does not, he was forced to leave the rented room, before the term specified in the contract of employment premises. Of course this is not crime situation in the market rent. The owners of the premises, are almost always afraid of something.

The main thing that frightens them, is that the employer will ruin the property in an apartment, or that and look at all of its sleeping neighbors or flood below. That's why so many of roomer goes global surveillance. The owner of the premises may appear suddenly, without a call to open the door using a duplicate key to delve into personal matters tenant and so on. The principal and the principal argument, it is covered as a shield – "my living space, and then I want to be back directly." While not all owners take all the realities of the real estate rental market, as you need to do it. This is most likely due to the fact that for many years in our country institute homeowners absent as such, and in fact, people living in their apartments, were not their lawful owners. It is necessary to have passed some time before they begin to realize that the rent – it's business. And so, landlord is not 'sir', and offers his apartment, under a contract of employment for temporary use for the money. And business – is business. In this case, no get, without investing money, get more profit. Any business requires investment in development. There also needs to invest in premises, make repairs, buy furniture and a good plumber, develop my apartment so it was nice to live to employers and apartment rental does not deliver hassle. But most homeowners are trying to still do not advertise your business. In many ways, this is due to the fact that envious neighbors may find out that apartment for rent in hiring and notify the appropriate regulatory authorities. And since most of the apartments for rent in Russia and unofficially the owners do not pay real estate taxes, this is another stumbling block between an employer and landlord. Therefore there are any additional requirements for tenant, sometimes very silly. The man does not understand why paying a flat, he has no the right to bring family and friends.

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