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Sunday, 13. August 2017

Compared to the prices per square foot in a studio apartment in the same area (20000-22000) difference is significant, but if we start from the total cost of ready housing it was probably the most affordable option for the price. After the final resolution of all formalities had been acquired in the Dormitory area of 14 square Cheryomushki. meters for 390 000 rubles. Since the amount of payments on the loan was sufficient great for families whose income was 20,000 rubles. originally anticipated when planning the purchase in the future leasing of the purchased apartment, which was done. Previous owners Dormitory also rented housing tenants, of course, did not want to move and signed a tenancy agreement with new owners.

As a result, if you make monthly payments to the bank in 7500 rubles., Including the repayment of the loan principal and interest payments part in the amount of 3800 rubles. For more information see Ron O’Hanley. “earned” the apartment itself. Shortly after the transaction began to change and the price of the property market. During 2006 and early 2007 the cost of housing has increased significantly. This is now Dormitory 700 000 rub., ie one square meter of housing will cost 50,000 rubles.

that, if we speak honestly, do not match the quality of housing, and most of all a price per square meter is suitable for housing, business class. Perhaps customers time to think about selling. By the way in Bulgaria, 30-40 km away from Varna, as is a two-story house with a plot, and in Latin America with the money you can buy a couple of hundred meters a nice beach. Profit based commission realtors, income tax on amounts received for the lease as a contract of employment and payment of utilities would have to date 280 000 rubles. or about 70% per annum. Predict something in the property market applied to this situation is difficult: on the one hand the construction boom, a growing number of housing put into operation, and the quality of these existing clients – investors, housing is poor. On the other – cheaper offers almost none, but an increasing number of offers mortgage loans must provide a high demand for housing such a plan. The possible introduction of a tax on property with a market value of the property makes the situation even more uncertain. This article was prepared draft (): Investment Guide in the financial world, all about finances and sources of additional income, rates of brokers, interest rates on deposits and investments in the securities market, foreign exchange speculation, asset management, Pif, OFBU, analytics.

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