Sunday, 28. April 2019

But even then, it’s never too late. The following program is designed to help over on the acute pain phase, first and foremost at a lumbago, but also a slight herniated disc, which symptoms is similar to. You could be countered very well as the tension of the entire back and shoulder area. Then a regular exercise program as above should be continued described. You must not always immediately go to the doctor. Immediate x-ray, syringes and manipulate is useful only for clear diagnoses.

Caution is, however, that if you already have paralysis of the legs. In this case, a specialist should be sought immediately. But as a general rule: conservation movement is out in. You must try to bleed through the diseased area. Movements are ideal, without the body weight on the KSP presses. Source: Ripple. Therefore, a training program in the water in the acute case is particularly suitable.

Even if the program mainly for the is appropriate, the swimming techniques crawl and back sufficiently ruled, as well the little can experienced swimmers to pick out a few forms of exercise. Times given can be adjusted according to the personal performance of up and down. You should choose a bathroom, which offers a swimming area, as well as a pool with underwater hard jets to massage. As a material, you need a pull boy and a girdle as a flotation device. Sometimes you can borrow these materials directly from the lifeguards. Standard painkillers can be taken, they facilitate the movement yet. Exercise program: 1 20 min crawl swimming with Pullboy (legs remain passive) 2-20 min crawl swimming with Pullboy (moderate use of leg) 3-20 min crawl swimming without AIDS (only if no pain is felt) 4-20 min backstroke by intestinal technology (Pullboy might be required.) 5-20 minutes treading water with Huftschwimmhilfe in deep water 6 30 min underwater hard Jet massage in warm water. The entire back should be massaged it. Back home the painful area can again once or 15 minutes with Elektromassage massage twice a day. Conventional tens devices under 100 euro completely sufficient for. The program should be performed every day until the pain. After a week, a definite improvement should however be entered. This is not the case, must be seek medical attention, to exclude medical illnesses. Unfortunately the program can run consistently only by the least, because only a small part of the population has the necessary technical skills. You could make much more in the schools if those responsible would create the conditions for this. But in more and more schools, swimming, due to lack of infrastructure, is no longer taught or leads only a shadowy. We already pay the consequences for society. And the costs are constantly rising. Maybe should those responsible in the education finance and health ministries at this point even sit together and prepare a simple cost-benefit analysis. Would quickly notice that Additional costs of increased school swimming lessons mean long-term savings for the health system. Swimming must be not only an integral part of the physical education, swimming should be a major component. Our modern lifestyle requires.

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