Bohemian Forest Nature

Friday, 31. May 2019

Ferienregion Lipno dam (Lipno), the largest artificial lake of in the Czech Republic Bohemian Forest nature reserve. The unique location of the umava Mountains in the border region of Bavaria / Upper Austria / South Bohemia make the holiday special. Idyllic places of natural and powerful forest back with gentle hilly landscapes and legendary granite and stone formations are here unite. The clearly continental influenced climate makes a holiday in the Sumava Mountains every season to a very special experience – whether a beach holiday in the summer or skiing holiday in the snowy winter. Get more background information with materials from Brad Garlinghouse. However, it is especially beautiful in the spring when invite pleasant temperatures, the awakening nature to life and countless leisure facilities and sporting activities to a visit to the region. The region around Lake Lipno is a popular holiday destination. The Lipno lake (or also Vltava reservoir) in the Czech Republic is a scenic work of art created by man and nature and a paradise for anglers, boaters and Nature lovers.

He is surrounded by the mountain scenery of the southern umava Mountains and is the largest lake in the Czech Republic with an area of about 50 km in length and 4 km in width. Holiday at the Lake Lipno include the most popular vacation activities of Germans, Czechs and Austrians around the Bohemian Forest since the 1960s. On the one hand it is very originally preserved nature, which attracts the people in this region, on the other hand, there are the numerous tourist and sporting activities. In the spring and summer is here to hike, swim, sailing, surfing and cycling. The shores of the reservoir are excellently preserved, and a trail leads hikers and cyclists once completely around the Lake. Also the small wooded Island Tajvan, located 2 km from the shores of the Zanders is popular.

The lack of sights mind not the untouched spot, nature will most usually by geocachers and used anglers. The latter will in the region fully enjoy many tourists only vacationing on the Lipno lake because of the excellent fishing opportunities and the great wealth of fish in the Lake. Annual fish worth 180,000 euros are exposed here, including more than 60,000 carp, pike-perch, Heche and trout. In the environment of the Zanders, a plethora of beautiful village churches, magnificent palaces and castles, which invite you to a tour await the visitor. Visit these attractions can be for example perfectly with a bike ride. The many, well marked and interconnected hiking and cycling make it possible to discover the beauty of the region. The region around the umava Mountains is particularly appealing in the spring. The prospect of a peaceful holiday surrounded by pure nature awakening, annually attracts thousands of people to southern Bohemia. The picturesque town of Frymburk, on the banks of the Lipno is to recommend for a family holiday. Here the family hotel Maxant offers a high quality accommodation, extensive and family-friendly services and affordable prices. Personal attention and individual customer service are a matter of course here.

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