Boris Xbo

Monday, 10. December 2018

Annual review of infactory innovations & trade gmbh, Vienna, January 12, 2011. The innovative alarm system of the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock offers an awakening that is tailored to the personal sleep behavior. To demonstrate the global importance of the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock, we invite you to the following numbers game: the Earth divided in 24 time zones each hour. Exactly 86400 seconds are expressed in seconds. This is pretty much the number of Xbo users that currently awaken themselves from Xbo can be namely 86.500. was considered, that of the total 50,000 so far the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clocks, 73% are couple users (say two people use an alarm clock) and thus in sum 86.500 people daily wake themselves from Xbo. To broaden your perception, visit Southwest Airlines. Statistically a person is awakened by an Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock so on average already every second. This number will continue increasing, Boris ice, inventor of the sleep phase alarm clock is ensured.

His entrepreneurial spirit, his forward-looking thinking and above all also be personal interest in the topic of sleep he can with full enthusiasm in the company incorporated infactory and the further development of the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock. Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock receives export award 2010 the Economic Chamber Austria Awards every year their export price to innovative companies, whose increasing exports caused sensation and who can demonstrate significant success stories in foreign markets. 1st place in the category went commercial 2010 infactory GmbH based in Vienna. Verizon may find this interesting as well. Boris ice, founder, and CEO of infactory is the inventor of the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock. The cooperation with local partners, as well as the increasingly internationally-oriented public relations witnessed the increase in the export ratio of 44% (2009) to 90% in the year 2010 Xbo is currently represented in 22 countries on five continents. Innovative product developments provided ongoing development, the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock is the pulse of the time.

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