Cabriomo GmbH Finalizes Cooperation With YachtDestination AG

Monday, 25. July 2016

Yacht cruises, yacht-sharing and Charter to interesting conditions further requests for leader meets the cooperation between Cabriomo and of YachtDestination AG. With the cruises from the House of the YachtDestination AG, Cabriomo offers new trips around the Mediterranean Sea, as well as Dubai and the Maldives at. The tours offer various yachts, luxury cabins and unique atmosphere for special moments in a small circle. The goals for 2008 and 2009 are Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Sardinia, Corsica, Croatia, Montenegro and Dubai and the Maldives. For our customers, offering the YachDestination AG offers holidays on the water. With this partner we have cruises, yacht-sharing and Charter a yacht from a single source”emphasizes Dr.

Thomas Schaumburg by Cabriomo. The importance of yacht-cruising is located is to be able to follow the own moods and to make the lightness of being at your whim. The client sleeps in spacious cabins for two persons and enjoying the sunshine on the deck. The meals are in the living room or the deck serves. Extensive snorkel and swimming possibilities in bays, which can be reached only by boat on the part offer the Cabriomo factor for recovery. Through the different objectives of a tour, shore excursions are given to natural wonders, unique restaurants and shopping.

Many beautiful, natural views of the visited Islands can be admired from the water. Boredom can come up a little, because the boats carrying mainly JetBoot, WaveRunner and Sea Doo diving Scooter, which can be used in addition. The golfers among the guests will be forgotten. The cross ride is rounded off by special arrangements including green fee for exclusive golf in Sardinia, Majorca, as well as in Dubai. Who wants to take his vacation without other guests and with the own yacht, which can draw on the yacht-sharing. With a fee payable once it acquires its share on the yacht for 4 to 10 years and pays only the expenses for its period. So can his boat to the every year to a schedule Goals can be controlled, that you want to see. To get important business partners in the enjoy of the yacht, so you can take with also. In addition, you can Charter a boat for more dates. A larger yacht for up to 20 people for special events and a fixed price available is in the Maldives. More information can be found under. Thomas A.C. Schaumburg CABRIOMO Morike 3 31246 Lahstedt – Germany fon + 49 (0) 5174 910115 5174 fax + 49 (0) 910118 E-Mail:

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