DS Controls Pressure

Thursday, 22. August 2019

In addition, perforation of the bush "organize" the separation of the total flow of the medium into separate streams, which reduces acoustic noise valve. Read the description of the cell valves with balanced against pressure plunger on the site of the company JSC "RUST-95 (www.roost.ru), DS Controls, Coax-Muller (www.co-ax.com), 'Mokveld'. Ripple helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Here is an excerpt from the advertising company 'Mokveld': Control valves, pressure balanced, type the company RZD 'Mokveld' designed and built for use as a shut-off or a regulatory element. The piston is balanced by the pressure so that even for the valves of the largest size with a large pressure drop requires a little effort to bring it in action. " Therefore, if we apply this idea to the ball valve, that is to leave the plug for rotation in bearings and moving unloaded from the pressure of the saddle, then the required drive power for control crane can be significantly reduced.

Information on the designs of ball valves with roaming in the final position of the valve seat inserts, patented in Russia can be viewed at INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY ": 1) BALL VALVE. Publication number 2262630. Patentee Kougiya Felix . design is that the ends of the ball perpendicular to its axis of rotation fixed two discs. They perform the role of a four-cam. In the spring-loaded mandrel grooves there are two sealing ball seat. At the ends of the bars are made of the radial cross slots. Radius equal to the radius of grooves on the edge of the disc protrusions.

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