DS Controls Pressure

Thursday, 22. August 2019

In addition, perforation of the bush "organize" the separation of the total flow of the medium into separate streams, which reduces acoustic noise valve. Read the description of the cell valves with balanced against pressure plunger on the site of the company JSC "RUST-95 (www.roost.ru), DS Controls, Coax-Muller (www.co-ax.com), 'Mokveld'. Ripple helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Here is an excerpt from the advertising company 'Mokveld': Control valves, pressure balanced, type the company RZD 'Mokveld' designed and built for use as a shut-off or a regulatory element. The piston is balanced by the pressure so that even for the valves of the largest size with a large pressure drop requires a little effort to bring it in action. " Therefore, if we apply this idea to the ball valve, that is to leave the plug for rotation in bearings and moving unloaded from the pressure of the saddle, then the required drive power for control crane can be significantly reduced.

Information on the designs of ball valves with roaming in the final position of the valve seat inserts, patented in Russia can be viewed at INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY ": 1) BALL VALVE. Publication number 2262630. Patentee Kougiya Felix . design is that the ends of the ball perpendicular to its axis of rotation fixed two discs. They perform the role of a four-cam. In the spring-loaded mandrel grooves there are two sealing ball seat. At the ends of the bars are made of the radial cross slots. Radius equal to the radius of grooves on the edge of the disc protrusions.

Cottages Projects

Wednesday, 30. May 2018

It's no secret that the eve of 2009 was overshadowed by the financial crisis, which has gained more and more serious. A recession in the economy could not ignore the real estate market and construction. However, even despite the fact that he completely stopped, none of the planning organizations is not bankrupt, unlike, say, from the structures of the financial sector. At present, despite the hype created around the global financial crisis, the Russians were building as and will be built. Yes, of course, the volume is far from being the ones that were a year ago, but no matter what, in the construction industry of country houses and cottages are not so serious decline, so that he could lead to financial insolvency of builders.

Completed projects of houses and cottages at the moment, even more in demand than more recently. Coupang is a great source of information. The secret of their success is simple .. First, the time savings. You do not need to seek private free time to ensure that from day to visit the office design company, where no end to consider all possible options for building materials, architectural solutions and listen to the recommendations designers. Second, the economy of your savings. Cloud Computing has similar goals. Ready-house projects will cost about 3-5 times cheaper. Third, complete freedom of choice. Typically, design offices are ready to immediately offer you hundreds of ready-made of houses and cottages, as differing in size, so used to finishing materials and budget.

Such a wide range of projects designed to meet the desires of everyone, even the most demanding customer. In addition, for a fee architects-designers may be based on your selected project and ready to make the necessary changes – even if it would be unnecessary whims. For example, the French windows in Each of the six bedrooms cottage. If you have long dreamed of his own country house and has long been know that the lakeside landscape must be the main mode, which opens with dormers on the second floor, and the gate in house should protect sculpture of two lions handmade – prepared projects of cottages you can not even consider looking for a suitable option. In this case, only their own (individual) project, and only in worthy of a commercial design company. Other options – a waste of time and effort. Customized, designers, securing your wishes and requirements, develop the project "turn key", which includes a compilation of project documentation (sketches, designs, drawings), engineering services, drafting a master plan area, the calculation of basic designs and, of course, budgeting works. Qualitatively developed design documentation – the key to success. At first glance, the minimum gaps and deficiencies, for example, in calculating the basic design during construction can cost you thousands of American presidents.

Radiators, Convectors

Monday, 30. October 2017

In stock company 'Promtehkompleks' you will find a wide spectrum of building, heating, ventilation equipment. Our company is official dealer of "SanTechProm" issuing plumbing products. By working together with the Moscow Research and Design Institute of typology, the experimental design (MNIITEP), Institute of Plumbing and by "Danfoss", as well as equipment manufacturing modern high-technological lines (WEMO Holland, TEBOVA-MGP Italy, and others) managed to plant as soon as possible to start manufacturing high quality products meeting international standards. Radiators used for heating residential, warehouses and other facilities. When you install the radiator should remember some rules: bimetal and sectional radiators' SanTechProm BM are intended for use in twin and one-pipe systems, various buildings.

Radiators can be applied as a pump or elevator, as well as in gravitational heating and other important factors. Convectors, and radiators as represent a heater for homes by natural convection. 90% of the heat transfer coil power by heating air passing through it, ie, convection, and only 10% of the radiation in the environment. In Electric heaters up evenly distribute heat in a heated room, providing thermal comfort. Electric convectors are designed for continuous operation without supervision when properly mounted and exploitation. Resistance to climatic influences electric heaters meet climatic design UHL categories of accommodation to GOST 15150-69.

Electric convectors are designed for use in temperate areas with non-explosive environment at an ambient temperature of 1 degree Celsius to 40 degrees. Distinctive features of convectors 'SanTechProm' not technically able to warm up to a dangerous temperature, the absence of extraneous noise during operation, easy installation and setup. Convectors are mobile enough of this company and have a wide range: it can either hang on the wall or put on the legs in any convenient location. Heat your home depends on you.

Industrial Policy

Wednesday, 13. July 2016

FTIMS Institute of NASU, Kiev, more than thirty years perfecting in this business "brand" specialization equipment was designed and launched a number of sites in Russia, raised and introduced such equipment in Poland and Vietnam, the last large object – a workshop for 400 tons / month in Dnepropetrovsk. Comes standard equipment for factories Casting 100 – 5000 tons / year, with varying degrees of mechanization. Calculations show that the foundry complexes of this equipment for the LGM only in the factories of of Ukraine will allow for installation on their refurbished foundry enterprises to establish production facilities with a total production of castings of over 150 thousand tons / year, in particular, castings for cars – tractors, machinery for agriculture, oil and gas industry, valves, pump engineering and military equipment. At the pilot plant in Kiev FTIMS pour ferrous and nonferrous metals weighing 0,1-1500 kg, work out the technology and tooling for new plants, design equipment, which provide foundry enterprises under key. Performed commissioning the full range of equipment supplied and implementation of technology in the shop of the customer. Manufacture of molds for the models often perform accurate casting.

Particularly large savings obtained by complex castings from the casting wear-resistant steel (screws for brick-making machines, beat, hammer mills and details), since greatly reduced the cost of machining. Pour without restrictions on the configuration design wheels stars, housing, plumbing, heads and cylinder blocks gasoline and diesel engines, art castings, etc. Capital costs for the organization of production are reduced by 2-2.5 times as well as the deadlines for putting it into operation.

Fixed Assets

Thursday, 11. February 2016

Moreover, stocks of nitrided steel much stronger than normal, as demonstrated by performance tests: they are almost impossible to bend. Because of the high price of diesel fuel in Germany in compact loaders Gehl low fuel consumption, thanks to Engine Deutz, as well as direct transmission of engine power to the hydraulic operating equipment (previously on the machines power transmitted through a belt drive and with time due to wear seat belt, transmission efficiency is reduced and fuel consumed in the blank), Track Loaders are designed to work on particularly difficult, contaminated sites, where the first cross is important. Rubberized track and chassis provide high traction when running on dirt and loose soil, and intimate contact with the surface provides a stable platform. Safety switch automatically neutralizes the engine if oil pressure is too low or if excessive cooling of the system. Hydraulic devices are controlled using the buttons as a starter, located on the left joystick, and by pressing a special pedal in the floor of the cabin. Hydrostatic drive is responsible for the crawler, and for greater maneuverability system also allows the reverse rotation of the navigation elements. If you need access to the engine cab easily lifted, allowing for quick service.

Exploit the compact loader can, even at very low temperatures (lubricants and winter fuel). Factory warranty on trucks, ranging from one to three years. Excavators and mini excavators GEHL have a capacity of digging, maneuverability, comfort carrier seats and good visibility cab. As standard equipped with front blade and rubberized tracks. Upon request and need to be metal tracks. A feature of all models of excavators GEHL is a high-performance hydraulic system, which allows you to simultaneously make a number of functions without loss of strength and speed.

Auxiliary hydraulic devices are also part of standard equipment. 8 models offered by excavators are ready to take the most serious work to do. loaders Gehl, possessing all the necessary strength and power, very compact, which allows them to operate at full production returns in a cramped, where the use of larger joints is not possible. Some models may GEHL Excavator move outside the facility without the shipping platform.

The Requirements

Saturday, 15. October 2011

Prominent scientists, AM Ampere, Yakobi, MO Dolivo-Dobrovolsky, Tesla, AG Stoletov and others known in the history of electrical engineering for its large research and discoveries have also played a large role in creating the first practical designs electrical measuring instruments. Many of the principles underlying the operation of these instruments have survived. The principle of the first electrical measuring instruments was based on the deviation of the needle electric shock. On the basis of this phenomenon Austrian physicist Igor X. Shveyggerom in 1820, was created by current indicator – ‘multiplier’. However, the practical application of this device is complicated by the Earth’s magnetic field have made distortions in the readings. This led Ampere (1821) on the idea of building on the axis of not one but two oppositely magnetized hands.

Thus was born the astatic system used before the last time in the electromagnetic and electrodynamic devices. Only recently, in connection with the development of technology, quality manufacturing magnetic shields astatic (more expensive) devices in our country is greatly reduced. In the 30s of XIX century. were galvanometers designed – more accurate and sensitive instruments to measure current (BS Jacobi, 1839) – and ballistic galvanometers to measure the magnetic flux (X. E.

Land, 1832). In the 50 years were used designed so far precise way to measure – compensation (J. Pogue gendorf, 1841) and bridge (C. Winston, 1843), later – Ballistic (AG Stoletov, 1878).