Friday, 19. July 2019

Rick and I am joined well, more still of what many brothers, what visibly he led to believe that its true brothers did not know it as I. Rick assumed the consequences for all my pranks, exactly that it did not want – as certain time that went up in closet of the kitchen to catch cans of chocolate in dust and milk in dust to bolt on the hurt banana, but the closet fell on of us, and Rick that it was only looking at with fear that I hurt myself, was punished. It are my grandmothers, my parents and Rick, in infancy I isolated myself of everything and all, what it allowed me to learn a valuable lesson, of that integral happiness in the solitude does not exist, contrary learning to the teachings of all the auto-aid books that already I read. I believe that everything depends on a company, or better, of the company of somebody adjusting for determined momentos.5. Chapter IV – I and the world exteriorPara the philosophy, consider exterior world, all the environment of diverse conviviality of our habitual home, being that, he becomes almost that inevitable the relation enters the people with different environments. If one may use the expression: ' ' all are good until knowing vida' '. With me it would not be different, prepared or not soon, I I would enter in exposition to the social convivncia, what it occurred to beginning of the pertaining to school conviviality, but I did not disappoint, therefore he was very valiant and therefore always I got high notes, but the school changed really me, became sonhador more, in the double one felt of the word, first reason slept in part of the lesson needing to be waked up by the caretaker to go even so, as reason was simulating lecionar while nobody was looking at. .

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