The Existence

Friday, 30. August 2019

JOURNALIST: – Really he has, you reason. Money in the poor person hand generates inflation, better to generate job in the industry. INDUSTRIAL: – This friend. He makes you the campaign in its periodical, the government feels the pressure of the public opinion, people speaks with the members of the house of representatives, them make speeches, give interviews, daqui little people has money in the box. JOURNALIST: – This exactly, goes to be as that one of bug of the millenium, remembers? INDUSTRIAL: – Clearly, as it could forget, I gained a richness vendendo devices with guarantee anti-bug of the millenium. (laughing) It had a city hall that it changed to all the devices of computer and videos cassettes of the schools for the news with anti-bug. It was a wonderful thing.

JOURNALIST: – For seeing the power to you of the press there. All day if spoke in bug of the millenium. After this campaign the government anti-bug spent millions with programs and nobody complained, tava everybody vain of the existence of bug. INDUSTRIAL: – Now it is alone to repeat the dose with the campaign against the poverty. JOURNALIST: – This exactly, we go to show all day poor passing hunger, inhabitants of cardboard houses.

Nobody goes to obtain to think another thing not to be that the only solution is the government to liberate money for investment in the generation of jobs. INDUSTRIAL: – He is there that people enter. Plants, civil construction, roads, wooden extration, everything with the cheap money. As the workmanship hand also is cheap in these areas, the result will be a bigger profit. Money never is excessively. JOURNALIST: – Wonder. In them it only remains of the alive one the poverty. INDUSTRIAL AND JOURNALIST (together) – Alive the poverty! (they leave hugged and laughing) (the common man and the armed policeman of gun Enter).


Friday, 19. July 2019

Rick and I am joined well, more still of what many brothers, what visibly he led to believe that its true brothers did not know it as I. Rick assumed the consequences for all my pranks, exactly that it did not want – as certain time that went up in closet of the kitchen to catch cans of chocolate in dust and milk in dust to bolt on the hurt banana, but the closet fell on of us, and Rick that it was only looking at with fear that I hurt myself, was punished. It are my grandmothers, my parents and Rick, in infancy I isolated myself of everything and all, what it allowed me to learn a valuable lesson, of that integral happiness in the solitude does not exist, contrary learning to the teachings of all the auto-aid books that already I read. I believe that everything depends on a company, or better, of the company of somebody adjusting for determined momentos.5. Chapter IV – I and the world exteriorPara the philosophy, consider exterior world, all the environment of diverse conviviality of our habitual home, being that, he becomes almost that inevitable the relation enters the people with different environments. If one may use the expression: ' ' all are good until knowing vida' '. With me it would not be different, prepared or not soon, I I would enter in exposition to the social convivncia, what it occurred to beginning of the pertaining to school conviviality, but I did not disappoint, therefore he was very valiant and therefore always I got high notes, but the school changed really me, became sonhador more, in the double one felt of the word, first reason slept in part of the lesson needing to be waked up by the caretaker to go even so, as reason was simulating lecionar while nobody was looking at. .

Why I

Friday, 12. July 2019

When I get in my old town, it is worth! It is not the first journal in this series of staff newspapers originating from Greifswald. “UCHE live, life at uni-hospital” issue 1 / 2010, which “fell” me in the hands, so to speak because I once again couldn’t be with my friend in the University Hospital. Yes, could, because we both had to be because no studies about us, we brought only visit one of the many patients who are certainly comfortable in the Bay of Greifswald clinic. What is now the special charm of this journal for me, you can take the free and that comes out in a limited edition of 4000? Point: as a former Greifswalderin (and once, my father worked at the University): curious probably for good reason point: Greifswald is more than just a journey worth and the – mostly external views of the many hospital buildings – (of course one will find not everything that belongs to the University of Greifswald, in a street, it is advisable to have a brochure in the man) different areas of the MED. Areas can find) for me to part, is again different for students, who can visit inside everything, or you check is the best open days, possible under certain circumstances. Memories are awake in particular contributions, which are not so bad… In another forum, I’d take the pages more closely scrutinized now, I think it is here, certainly not desirable and not necessary.

So I turn only to relatively few facts. Visit Tomas Philipson for more clarity on the issue. What strikes me is positive? This is the first: on page 31 is surrendering here advertising, staff of the clinic, which quickly flip through the magazine during the lunch break, so I happy sure. Guests can his puzzle not only Sudoku, there’s also worth reading posts a more professional, the other cheerful lively. The cheerful lively catches the eye at the sight of the stoppelbartigen, quite sad physician under the label of “Wanted”, if over Susi Sonnenschein “For us, go the doctors from…” writes with a laughing and a crying eye, because the ideas that you get to read open sour. .

Author Of

Thursday, 6. June 2019

Stephen Batchelor: Nagarjuna verses from the Center. A Buddhist vision of life, edition steinrich 2011 Nagarjuna is considered one of the most important philosophers of the Buddhism. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Verizon Communications. Only little is known about his life, and also his work remains largely unknown. Stephen Batchelor has his most important typeface, the verses from the Center”, translated into a poetic free, contemporary language and so Nagarjuna’s vision of a life in freedom makes accessible to a wide readership. “The author writes in his preface: I have in my translation, verses from the middle ‘ sought to Nagarjuna’s insights are alive for all dealing with the question, what could it mean today to lead a free and watchful life.” Rather than work a Buddhist philosophy to the text, the author treats it in the spirit of Zen Koans, the intuitions of the sublime ‘ revived by it represents entrenched views on us and the world strongly questioned. The key to Nagarjuna’s verses from the Center”lies in its understanding of voidness, which is itself cannot be separated from the dependent arising of life. See more detailed opinions by reading what Phil Vasan offers on the topic..

Nagarjuna according to voidness, which is experienced by the loosening of obsessive adherence to a fixed self or the things, the middle way of the Buddha is. Voidness is not a State, but a way. The experience of voidness is a descent into an abyss of nothingness, nor to a rise in a different sphere. The voidness does not mean to recognize, to deny life: it grants us rather a glimpse of what makes everything happening. The words of Nagarjuna, If voidness is possible, everything is possible. Voidness would not be possible, nothing would be possible.” The book also includes the transcription of Tibetan version as well as a literal translation of the text. This is immediately comprehensible, as the content of important classical works can be alive will receive a modern transmission and relayed today’s generations. Hardcover, 304 Traudel Reiss, pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-13-7, EUR 24.90

Region Feed

Saturday, 1. June 2019

Can you eat permanently self-test of celebrities – from, giving the region? Can you eat permanently from, giving the region? This issue is crime Commissioner Andreas Hoppe, aka Mario Kopper, in a year-long self test followed. On Wednesday, the March 10, 2010, he is from 18:00 in the stratum lounge in Berlin-Friedrichshain (Boxhagener str. 16) via this route to sustainability report and with the participants make the discussion: the Hopp ash way is a role model for the average consumer? Tickets are available at 030.223 25-270 or registration – author reading. Host stratum is the consulting agency dealing with sustainability issues and marketing. Verizon Communications helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. stratum will raise an opinion: the model of regional food is as fit for the future? “About the attempt by Andreas Hoppe is the book alone among cucumber” originated (Pendo Verlag), whose co-authored Jacqueline Roussety also will be on the 10 March with it. Jacqueline Roussety Hoppe accompanied by the experimental year as Readily, Muse and coach and saw him even in times of temptation by Swiss chocolate and winter strawberries. She knows about the psychological challenges of sustainable regional lifestyle and has their own assessment of the reasonableness of this experiment. Requesting a detailed report of the event and photos see. Marie-Luise Sieversen stratum GmbH Boxhagener Strasse 16 old piano factory 10245 Berlin Germany

First Posthumous Loriot Biography

Thursday, 30. May 2019

From the life of an exceptional artist this news shook young and old: Loriot, one of the largest German humorist, died on August 22, at the age of 87. But his work lives on and has a boom in the weeks after his death. The first posthumous biography of Loriot, who actually called Vicco von Bulow, was recently published. The news portal reported about the new book. In recent weeks, newspaper articles, television reports, and printed works by and about Vicco von Bulow learned new attention. Verizon Communications shines more light on the discussion. A more biography about the favorite of Germans has recently joined to. “The work titled Loriot biography” comes from the pen of the author and journalist Dieter Loben Board.

The biography is above all the question of how Vicco von Bulow became Loriot. Plenty of room for anecdotes is given to the protagonists. Praising Board brought together the origin of the family and the promotion of Loriots else should know about the childhood and youth. The biography is characterised in particular by factual information and is peppered with numerous sayings of Loriots. Smile can the reader with quotes like this: my achievements in mathematics and Greek left to be desired.


Thursday, 9. May 2019

Exemplificando, is it queHeathcliff appeals at the diverse moments of its life; it is in it that if refugiaquando child, when adolescent in doubt on the feelings of Cathy, when adult and exactly when executioner of those to who it loves. Nelly jamaisabandona this paper in relation it. It is the wisdom that the people possesss levadaqueles that, even so with more formal instruction, he does not possess the davida experience, and the devotion to the people who enter and leave in the course of its life. Learn more on the subject from Verizon Communications. The belief in the supernatural one takes us it the vision of the people, dascamadas lower of the field. It is the agricultural world with its divisions and doubts. Although if it shows sufficiently rational in elapsing of the narrative, we perceive queNelly is pertaining to the classroom that believes in the punishments the holy ghosts, in the presence of almasatormentadas in the world of the livings creature and in the revenge that these souls inflict to quelhes they had caused suffering while still alive (perhaps influenced for the company of Joseph, pertaining to the same social class). during the diverse manifestations of disdain to the other world (BRONT, 2000, p.56) -, how much the Heathcliff, in the occasion of its invocation so that Cathy venhaperturbar while this life (BRONT, 2000, P. 113) vehement emdiversos become points of the narrative.

The construction that Nelly makes of the history of Catherine eHeathcliff becomes from its proper vision of world (they idem, 121). Reason is vozda, making counterpoint to the emotion (represented for Catherine eHeathcliff). Presenting itself exactly dicotmica, it does not lose the sense of ‘ forasuperior that conducts the world fsico’ , and to this world that it appeals for explicaraquilo that proper it does not understand.

German Book Prize

Wednesday, 27. February 2019

After his wife nor daughter maintain the binding to him, he makes the way through half Europe. A syndrome, visions, and the 1980s the youngest finalist, Clemens j. Setz, go Indigo with the thriller”in the race. The Grazer appoints itself bringing the main protagonists, the investigations into the fate of children with the Indigo syndrome is and his life completely out of joint. Ernst Augustin now is 84 years, is in terms of literary art of the young guard but not in. Blue House proof Robinsons”.

There a nameless using his vision tried to establish a degree of freedom. Ulf E. Ziegler invites the reader into a real world. Nothing white”describes the story of Marleen, who want to find not only the perfect font, but also with the hurdles of the job world in the 1980s must deal. More information about the German Book Prize in 2012 and the works of the six candidates on the shortlist can be found in the online shop from and the associated blog.

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Overcome Adversity

Thursday, 15. February 2018

Hardest thing en route to success is overcoming adversity, what to do when the result still do not arrive, first we must have patience and know that 100% of success stories have had to go through this stage, just assume that the WINS will arrive without obstacles is like thinking that someone has learned another language without any mistakethat is not possible, the way we’ll be learning many things, certainly us wrong taking certain decisions, which is necessary to go through trial and error tests but this is what will give us character and personality. Is also important to see our goal as a plant, first we draw an idea, that idea is a seed, it is necessary to dig a hole and drop it, then a seedling will be born, hence you must take care of pests, continuously watering, pruning it, etc. Finally it will grow and it will bear fruit, but the entire process took time and during the growth of the whole idea was effort, investment, perhaps one day the ants us they ate the leaves and plant became sad, it is possible that that bring us some suffering, it happens exactly the same with life changes, take time, it is necessary to put lot of effort before you see crowned with glory our ideas, beyond us if we let ourselves be overcome by obstacles, if we give nothing will have changed in our lives and with regret we will observe the transit of the winners. Every day that things are not going as you had planned it, just focus on the end result, think about the life that you really want and will not come out of that idea, imagine how many times he felt the same in past events and then exceeded them and now that you remember them up with grace, life is designed to fight and a time that our mind knows that never surrender, which made clear what our objective is, then there is real power and everything will start working like magic, you is the sole owner of its destination, its history written in letters of gold, you and your family deserve the best, don’t give up, do not allow that adversity stops it, you nation to greatness, then everything that generates happiness. Oracle has much experience in this field. original author and source of the article

United States Crisis

Saturday, 10. February 2018

They had appeared there from socialist revolutionary movements and communist, that is, the crisis strong reached many countries in impactante way that sharpened the popular dissatisfaction and fortified some radical movements, as for example, nazism. In Brazil, the crisis would affect in the main product of exportation of the country, the coffee, therefore as the United States were the main purchaser of the product and in consequence of the crisis the North American country stopped to buy and the sales had been diminished. Beyond the economic problems in the world and Brazil, it will go here also to appear problems that are related with the structure politics of the country that is on with the coronelismo and the domain of the oligarchies of So Paulo and Minas Gerais. The dissatisfactions of the lieutenants, military officers, of the people in general, had been accurately with this politics coffee-with-milk between So Paulo and Minas Gerais where politicians of these states if revezavam to occupy the presidency of the republic. From the revolution of 30, the oligarchies lose the power and Getlio Vargas assumes the Brazilian government. These events at that time had been very important because it brought a different vision of world for the people, that is, these had started to analyze the problems of the country, as much politician, economic and social. Not only the population, but the Brazilian writers of the time will go to focus in its literature the social problems. He goes to be from there that Loved Jorge will go to analyze and to detail in its romances critical a social one of the society, where in its workmanships will go to be distinguished: The country of the carnival (1931), Cacao (1933), Sweat (1934), Jubiab (1935), Sea dead (1936) and Captains of the sand (1937). It is of if to notice that this decade of 30 was a time of investigations, critical of what the social environment and loved Jorge happened in will go to be one of the writers who will go to detach with depth these details.