German Book Prize

Wednesday, 27. February 2019

After his wife nor daughter maintain the binding to him, he makes the way through half Europe. A syndrome, visions, and the 1980s the youngest finalist, Clemens j. Setz, go Indigo with the thriller”in the race. The Grazer appoints itself bringing the main protagonists, the investigations into the fate of children with the Indigo syndrome is and his life completely out of joint. Ernst Augustin now is 84 years, is in terms of literary art of the young guard but not in. Blue House proof Robinsons”.

There a nameless using his vision tried to establish a degree of freedom. Ulf E. Ziegler invites the reader into a real world. Nothing white”describes the story of Marleen, who want to find not only the perfect font, but also with the hurdles of the job world in the 1980s must deal. More information about the German Book Prize in 2012 and the works of the six candidates on the shortlist can be found in the online shop from and the associated blog.

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