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Friday, 30. August 2019

JOURNALIST: – Really he has, you reason. Money in the poor person hand generates inflation, better to generate job in the industry. INDUSTRIAL: – This friend. He makes you the campaign in its periodical, the government feels the pressure of the public opinion, people speaks with the members of the house of representatives, them make speeches, give interviews, daqui little people has money in the box. JOURNALIST: – This exactly, goes to be as that one of bug of the millenium, remembers? INDUSTRIAL: – Clearly, as it could forget, I gained a richness vendendo devices with guarantee anti-bug of the millenium. (laughing) It had a city hall that it changed to all the devices of computer and videos cassettes of the schools for the news with anti-bug. It was a wonderful thing.

JOURNALIST: – For seeing the power to you of the press there. All day if spoke in bug of the millenium. After this campaign the government anti-bug spent millions with programs and nobody complained, tava everybody vain of the existence of bug. INDUSTRIAL: – Now it is alone to repeat the dose with the campaign against the poverty. JOURNALIST: – This exactly, we go to show all day poor passing hunger, inhabitants of cardboard houses.

Nobody goes to obtain to think another thing not to be that the only solution is the government to liberate money for investment in the generation of jobs. INDUSTRIAL: – He is there that people enter. Plants, civil construction, roads, wooden extration, everything with the cheap money. As the workmanship hand also is cheap in these areas, the result will be a bigger profit. Money never is excessively. JOURNALIST: – Wonder. In them it only remains of the alive one the poverty. INDUSTRIAL AND JOURNALIST (together) – Alive the poverty! (they leave hugged and laughing) (the common man and the armed policeman of gun Enter).

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