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Friday, 12. July 2019

When I get in my old town, it is worth! It is not the first journal in this series of staff newspapers originating from Greifswald. “UCHE live, life at uni-hospital” issue 1 / 2010, which “fell” me in the hands, so to speak because I once again couldn’t be with my friend in the University Hospital. Yes, could, because we both had to be because no studies about us, we brought only visit one of the many patients who are certainly comfortable in the Bay of Greifswald clinic. What is now the special charm of this journal for me, you can take the free and that comes out in a limited edition of 4000? Point: as a former Greifswalderin (and once, my father worked at the University): curious probably for good reason point: Greifswald is more than just a journey worth and the – mostly external views of the many hospital buildings – (of course one will find not everything that belongs to the University of Greifswald, in a street, it is advisable to have a brochure in the man) different areas of the MED. Areas can find) for me to part, is again different for students, who can visit inside everything, or you check is the best open days, possible under certain circumstances. Memories are awake in particular contributions, which are not so bad… In another forum, I’d take the pages more closely scrutinized now, I think it is here, certainly not desirable and not necessary.

So I turn only to relatively few facts. Visit Tomas Philipson for more clarity on the issue. What strikes me is positive? This is the first: on page 31 is surrendering here advertising, staff of the clinic, which quickly flip through the magazine during the lunch break, so I happy sure. Guests can his puzzle not only Sudoku, there’s also worth reading posts a more professional, the other cheerful lively. The cheerful lively catches the eye at the sight of the stoppelbartigen, quite sad physician under the label of “Wanted”, if over Susi Sonnenschein “For us, go the doctors from…” writes with a laughing and a crying eye, because the ideas that you get to read open sour. .

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