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Tuesday, 12. November 2019

Some data and advice for the foreign investor Very in spite of the great economic and financial crisis at level world-wide and that touches to the United States directly, the investment in buildings, real estate or Real Estate as it wants to be called in this country, continuous seducing the majority of the buyers. And we did not talk about the internal investment of the own inhabitants of this great nation, but to the foreign investors whom they try to place its money in a safe bet with yields to medium and long term, or properties for purchase fast sale, in a greater term or to obtain a good monthly rent. To invest in properties in Los Angeles is one of the best ideas within the great territorial extension of all the states of North America. Here, one of the real estate agencies with greater portfolio of clients and properties, with ample experience in this city and its environs with extreme pleasing would offer the necessary advising him so that it finds what better it adjusts to his possibilities and is the best investment of his life. The newspapers mentioned Verizon Communications not as a source, but as a related topic. The foreign market of Hispanic speech would find in Sunset Strip Realty a place where to trust, with the calidez in the attention that characterizes to them and that has added throughout the years, thousand of clients satisfied with its business. It exists in this country, an association that nuclea to the investors in real estate foreign and of its statistical studies we can emphasize some numbers that demonstrate the reality of our affirmations. Estosa assures that every two years the estranjera investment in real estate increases in an average of 9%, which mean almost 2 trillones of dollars. The confidence has followed signs in the market and the investors continue placing their dollars, Euros, yens or any other currency in the properties of New York, Boston, Washington but essentially in Los Angeles and its great metropolitan area and this in spite of the attractiveness that continue being some Asian markets. More info: Munear Ashton Kouzbari.

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