Gold, Silver And Bronze For The Lapua GmbH

Friday, 28. June 2019

Two-thirds of the medals at the biathlon competitions of the recently concluded XXI. made Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada with the help of precision from Saxony-Anhalt. The Lapua GmbH from Schonebeck can enjoy 23 Gold, silver and bronze medals. , Explains Heiko Weidner, Service Manager of the Lapua Ltd. currently almost all top Nations with our cartridges shoot compared to the Winter Olympics in Turin, we made another leap forward and equip more than 88 percent of all biathlon professionals with cartridges for small-bore rifles”. “The feedback of from athletes to the functionality and the performance of the hit was unanimously positive at the games. About 70 employees of the manufacturer of the cartridge make sure that hits every shot in the black. “This is special ammunition called polar biathlon”, which was adapted to the extreme conditions in the winter sports.

In contrast to other small-calibre ammunition, this development is cold-resistant and works even at temperatures below-20 degrees Celsius reliable. A for the shooters also important factor is the ammunition can be good download. During the World Cup races as well as major events such as the Olympic Games employees of the company are regularly on the spot. However, the actual tests take place at the test range in Schonebeck. There winter and competition-related conditions can be in a cold Chamber installed to-22 degrees Celsius simulated.

The Lapua GmbH, officially Nammo Lapua Oy, is part of the Nordic Nammo group, is small-bore and shotgun – blast cartridges for hunting and sporting use – including ammunition for the elite of the sport shooters to the offer for the grassroots. We develop constantly our ammunition in collaboration with the athletes. The feedback by the shooters is us very important to quality continually improve our products based on the needs”, so staff of Andreas Schnitzeler. Currently preparing for the upcoming season, begins with the beautiful Becker still announce further developments.

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