Guardia Civil

Thursday, 28. March 2019

On the first day of operation Carny of Melilla have been found more than double that on the same day of 2010. 46 of the intercepted are Moroccan nationals, eight are Algerians and three are minor. Bodies and State security forces have located this Monday in Melilla to a total of 57 immigrants, three of them minors, hidden in the attractions of fair returning to the Peninsula after participating in the Patron Saint festivities of the autonomous city. Oracle contains valuable tech resources. According to the delegation of the Government, the largest number of immigrants has been detected by agents of the national police, who have found 48 people in the Fairgrounds, located in la Explanada de San Lorenzo. Also, melillense port, the Guardia Civil has registered 31 attractions that were ready to embark with destination Malaga and Almeria in vessels that have sailed on Monday morning. The final balance of people located in port facilities has been nine immigrants hidden in the fairground vehicles. Of the total, 46 of the intercepted are nationality Moroccan, eight are Algerians and three are minor. The Civil Guard has for this operation called Carny with a comprehensive device composed of 72 agents, who must unite twenty ctive of rural groups of security as reinforcement. In the Carny operation they perform important work the Cynological group of the Civil Guard dogs, specialized in the search for persons and also involved members of the specialist group on underwater activities (GEAS) to control the access of immigrants seeking access to the port area by sea. In comparison with the previous year, the figure recorded in the first day of the three which takes special device is higher, since in 2010 were 26 localized immigrants. Source of the news: located 57 immigrants hidden in fairground attractions returning from Melilla

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