Holiday Rentals In Cuba – Overnight Stay In A Casa Particular

Saturday, 15. December 2018

Kubansiche accommodation of all kinds – from the simple room to the apartment and the House – there are the various accommodation options in the apartment not apartment is, you can tell at the latest when one has inhabited a such for the first time in Cuba. Still a Communist country, it is something very special to live close to the population and the local habits. It differs from everything to totally what one is otherwise used. Starting with the exact specific reporting and disclosure requirements for every traveler, on the most simple device of the apartments up to the everyday exceptional cases – and equally unique solutions – nothing like in the market economy that is accustomed to abundant and your accommodation is. Who want to rent an apartment in the Caribbean’s biggest country what is possible, of course only local required for this license.

This costs the landlord, whether sales achieved have been or not, depending on the area and location between 200 and 300 Euro per month. In addition, more taxes must be paid from the revenue. All in all is very sure that it unduly can enrich each other no one and thus the income remains manageable. To, but have to say that the owner of a well-run hotel, enjoy a standard of living higher for Cuba. Called apartments, houses, flats, accommodation of all kinds of which are rented on the West Indies island there, and in the Spanish “Casa particular”, which translates as much is how; “Private house”. These housing options with a blue – white shield on which are the words “Arendador Divisa” to read are marked from the outside. Since advertising in the Socialist country for individuals is prohibited, a publicly installed sign has to be paid per month extra. Apart from the circumstances for the landlord, has living in a private apartment as input already mentioned, also its advantages.

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