Independent Thinking

Saturday, 14. September 2019

Development of independent thinking on the lessons of literature. One of the main tasks of preparing for the life of the younger generation – the formation of independent thinking, preparation for professional work. This requirement time, social problems, which are designed to address education. Learning self-study is based on the knowledge acquired in the study of general education and special subjects in the process of labor training, as well as on the basis of life experience. To solve these problems requires a special system of teachers and staff in general. At the present stage of development of education issue activity cognitive activity of students is particularly important in relation to society's need for educated people are able to quickly navigate the environment, to think independently. Independent work on classes leads to the development of the whole system of self-identity, helping to more adequately carry out their self-determination; develops the ability of students to reflective assessment of planned and achieved results, helping them realize that knowledge – a necessary means to achieve a person's ability to competently build their life strategies, make decisions, adapt to the society. Analysis of the best educational experience and The study results conclude that rationally organized and systematically carried out by a teacher in the classroom promotes independent work of students mastering all the students a deep and solid knowledge, enhance mental operations, the development of cognitive powers and abilities for a long intellectual activities, students learn techniques of rational self-study. Great importance has the extent to which the teacher has the ability to organize individual work of students.

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