Investments Systems

Saturday, 16. March 2019

The CoolStream devices are equipped with energy-saving, high-efficiency, and continuously working EC fans. Gary Kelly can provide more clarity in the matter. Together with the two Coltair systems, the four CoolStream devices in the calf Hall promote a maximum total volume of 72,000 cubic meters per hour. The Coltair systems are modular, decentralized systems for ventilation, heating and heat recovery. Thanks to the modular lightweight construction components it can be adapted to any structural fact plus for the installation in a historic building like the calf Hall. Ten times, security for fire in accordance with the fire protection concept Colt international installed ten fire gas fans on the roof of the calf.

With the Liberator (TL3/08/12 series) device type automatic discharging smoke extraction systems were used, the both are suitable for daily ventilation and the automatic smoke and heat extraction are used in case of fire. Should there be a fire, the smoke and hot gases from the Hall devices suck. The Liberatoren, which were installed in the calf Hall, meet the requirements of the temperature-time classification F400, which means that they work safely at a temperature of 400 degrees over a period of two hours. The air flow in the event of a fire is about seven electric supply window. Six of the Liberatoren are additional with suction side silencers and used also for daily ventilation via frequency converters. While the volume of exhaust air based on the outdoor air rate is controlled. The entire discharge extraction volume of Liberatoren is 126,000 cubic meters. The smoke extract plant from the home Colt International is the heart of the security plan for the calf Hall, belongs to which a fire alarm system and an automatic voice system, are given as emergency instructions and an emergency lighting system.

The Investments for ventilation, heating and adiabatic cooling – heat recovery systems are amortised completely after all experiences within relatively short time especially as the gastronomy has opened seven days a week. The low operating costs to be added. Alone the CoolStream devices (adiabatic cooling) is running about four to seven times cheaper than conventional cooling systems.

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