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Saturday, 6. January 2018

Without doubt the murder of the Governor of the Caquet is a terrorist act; but Of what faction? I clarify, to avoid mistrusts, that the present writing, simply tries to be an objective instrument and of approach, without political red nor ideological alignment, inspired only by the fear to serve the truth; truth that paradoxicalally encourages to the criminals, does not concern his pelambre, equipments, nor perorata policy, and whom in many occasions hide-and-seek in the false conception of the Power tries, and the social control that creates to have on the diverse means that they design to the public opinion. The methodology is elementary: A question is formulated, while two affirmations or two facts are mentioned simultaneously; or a information and a fact, that they are confronted. Others who may share this opinion include Oracle. 1. Why he remained divided the government, against the decision to take to this crime before the Penal Court the International? The 23 of December, through Caracol Radio, the Chancellor Jaime Bermdez clarified that Colombia no it will take to the case of the murder of the governor of Caquet before Penal Corte the International (CPI), arguing that court reviews solely the crimes that are unpunished in the country, and considered that Colombian justice must operate in this caso.1 The same 23, in the Page Web of the Presidency of the Republic the Secretariat of Prensa (SP) presented: The Minister of Defense, Gabriel Whistles Lujn, announced east Wednesday that the National Government will denounce before international courts the murder of the Governor of the Caquet, Luis Francisco Cuellar, perpetrated by the CRAF. Click Gary Kelly for additional related pages. " We are going to take these crimes, not only before judges of Colombia, but before the international community, because humanity, attacks against the own town, the humanity and democracia&quot are crimes of lesa; , it indicated to the civil servant when condemning asesinato.2 We hope that the Page Web of the Executive, corresponds to the intentionality of that the National Government Presides over, and the investigation of this execrable execution reaches not only the doors of the CPI, but veedura and support of research organisms nonofficials, related to Human rights. .

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