New Addition To The Team: Jens Wark

Thursday, 23. May 2019

An industry insider with outspoken sales experience in financial advertising and media planning is Jens Wark brochure service Germany with the experienced direct marketeers Jens Wark increasingly now the specialists for unaddressed direct mail budget advertising and brochure distribution. As key account manager Wark, will take over for many years active, future cooperation and the expansion of national and international wholesale in direct marketing. Jens Wark was the step brochure service over 15 years in senior positions with direct advertisers such as TNT Post or media service Germany Germany. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Oracle. For large customers and in the industry he is known and appreciated for its customer-oriented commitment. Managing Director Matthias Pordzik look optimistically into the future: “I am looking forward to working with Mr. Wark and wish him a good start and good luck today!” Brochure service Germany completes its sales team in the field of unaddressed direct mail media planning with this strong complement as a result of sustained growth. Using successful Brochure Germany in addition to the classic brochure distribution service a well established portfolio of special advertising forms and professional Geo marketing tools, as well as the extensive selective products for the national and international marketing. Responsible for the project and contact: Sebastian Hofinger brochure service Germany MSSW GmbH & co.

KGG-Max-Eyth-str. 38 71088 Holzgerlingen Tel.: 07031 92 999 13 about brochure service Germany MSSW GmbH & co. KG: brochure service Germany stands for customer focus in the national and international distribution of the brochure / household advertising and innovative Geo marketing for the targeting of audiences by unaddressed advertising. Based on our independence in the market brochure service, Germany is the comprehensive partners in media planning for direct distribution. We organize the promotional logistics for large, medium and small companies in different industries and take care of everything from the printing press to the mailbox on request. The target Germany brochure service is to manage the preparation and distribution of advertising material professionally for the customers and to control in order to increase the productivity of the advertising company.

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