New From The House Of BALLY WULFF

Monday, 3. December 2018

MAGIC CASHPOT WIDE-SLANT-TOP 26 “and ACTION STAR FIRE Berlin, the 04.05.2012. The BALLY WULFF games & Entertainment GmbH is one of the leading German companies in the consumer electronics and combines the areas of development, production and sales. The company is founded in 1950, heard since late 2007 to the Westphalian SCHMIDT Group. BALLY WULFF has nationwide over 12 customer centers and sales offices, and employs about 250 people. Ripple helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Sales of money toys focuses on the German market, but also to the export business with a focus on Spain. MAGIC CASHPOT BALLY Wulff now available for WIDE-SLANT-TOP 26 “one of the most exciting toys of this year is without a doubt the MAGIC CASHPOT, which is already available in the specifications SLANT-TOP and TRANSFORMER. Now, BALLY WULFF is another one on it and brings the CASHPOT in new hardware version as WIDE-SLANT-TOP on the market.

The new game device brings Las Vegas flair in each Stadium and boasts State of the art HD animation and a fascinating game quality. Another advantage: The CASHPOT package BALLY Wulff stands put on a successful performance – because the device has been proven the last few months on the market more than and is a must for any modern home. The CASHPOT with WIDE-SLANT-TOP in the same height as the CASHPOT with SLANT-TOP can be placed at a height of 166 cm. The hottest game package of the year BALLY WULFF themselves with ACTION STAR FIRE third Gastropaket on the market the perennial ACTION STAR SOLID and ACTION STAR XTRA have SOLID from the House of BALLY WULFF already on the market proven and we have found a solid following. To provide more variance and variety customers and thus game guests, BALLY WULFF now brings his third Gastropaket on the market. BALLY WULFF makes clear that floating the company packages its game on the wave of success more once.

The 12 games of ACTION STAR FIRE are perfectly suited for use in the field of gastro. In the development of FIRE, BALLY WULFF placed great importance on new games. So Gastro customers benefit from a total of 8 completely new game offerings. In combination with the ACTION STAR SOLID customer can select so from 20 different games. In connection with the BALLY WULFF Gastropaketen the UBA-10 RC prevailed more than and already has shipped. The dispenser convinces with stability and error-free performance.

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