Problem Of Toxoplasmosis

Monday, 19. November 2018

Read them and at the Ukrainian minzdarve, I know for certain that the book "The Problem of toxoplasmosis" read deputy. Minister of Health of Ukraine, but there was no response. Surely deputy. Minister of the country is absolutely indifferent, in his office instead of cure, maim? Take, for example, schizophrenia, under which lies nothing more than a sluggish toxoplasmosis encephalitis, which was initially cured of the disease is easier than a cold, are also making life-long disabilities. How many times have I tried to draw the attention of psychiatrists at their deepest delusion, but all levels, I was told that they have their orders and they perform them. Psychiatrist Itkin from the fifth psychiatric hospital in Moscow indicates that schizophrenia hiding under toxoplasmosis encephalitis, and encourages colleagues examine these patients for toxoplasmosis. But they will investigate if they have no idea what is it? You, dear reader can imagine, the entire medical industry does not know and do not want to know that they are treated? Use in their practice lunatic ravings okolofilosofskie, centuries-old, maimed and absolutely no responsibility! At one of the medical meetings in London in 2007, it was stated that under schizophrenia lies entirely not what psychiatrists treat. Apparently, those who said this, perhaps not without influence from my books or articles on the Internet, have treated such patients by toxoplasmosis and saw good results. But to prove that they were treated for toxoplasmosis in England, too, there is nothing as reliable diagnosis in the world does not exist yet.

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