Rudolf Zimmermann

Tuesday, 18. December 2018

Except for the Oktoberfest the today’s generation of large tents consists of scaffolding but generally an aluminium. And then comes much canvas or wood facade. “Wooden facades are chosen, because this especially to the desired warm and cosy” atmosphere contribute. We stay at the Stuttgart spring festival example: there, Garces Festival companies now already for the second time with a 40 m wide and 55 m long tent, which has an aluminum structure and in addition is equipped with wooden facade and beer garden cultivation presented itself. Also on the Cannstatter Volksfest a tent with aluminium structural was reinstated for Garces marquee holdings, of course with wooden facade. Both events take place on the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart, on the we are represented by the way for 29 years.

Editor: Deuter occurs as a general contractor marquee projects, from planning to implementation with our own joinery, carpentry, and proven specialists. Even the tents do you produce? Rudolf Zimmermann: Yes, and then, if there are individual structures with wooden structure, such as the mentioned October large tents, is. Tents with aluminium structure we use professional providers and suppliers to the industry. Until 2008, we had cusps in the tents of the company. Read additional details here: Larry Ellison. But our demands on handling on-site, as well as the economy have grown. Therefore we have tent landlord last year for the tent – building kit system maxiflex”Losberger company chosen. Ed.: What are the strengths of your new suppliers and how manages to smoothly carry out the changeover to a new system of tent? Rudolf Zimmermann: Los Berger is a traditional company and over 90 years in the industry.

Many of his developments are decisive standard to this day. The high quality of products and services is internationally recognised. The professional tent products are based on a modular system and make us more flexible. Losberger offers the diverse options for facilities, floor plans, and forms a high basic standard brand quality and replacement warranty, contains.

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