Sales Increase Of 66 Per Cent With Organic Pastries For Birds

Sunday, 12. February 2017

Good business ideas just withdraw, provided they are properly communicated: despite economic slowdown increased turnover by 66% with exotic organic pastries for birds. The success story of a medium-sized company by use of PR and Web 2.0. With homemade organic chocolates for parrots and other delicacies for gourmets feathered bakery has won Germany’s only parrots more sales this year more than 66 percent as in the previous year. The quarter calculation 1/2010 Parrot bakery showed that demand rose steadily after the high quality Parrot treats despite the economic crisis. Since January 2009, the company could win 50 percent more customers. We are relieved that the quality of our homemade munchies has gotten around, and that save our customers not at the expense of their pets’, as the proprietor of parrot bakery, Marita Grabowski. The parrots bakery is a successful example that companies in times of crisis can manage to keep their sales or even increase”, says the PR consultant and copywriter of parrot bakery, Daniel Gerber.

You need a good business communication concept, much commitment, a great Web 2.0 affinity and the courage to engage in a dialogue with their customers. Smaller companies are in comparison to the great even at an advantage, because they can react much more flexible to changes.” The 34-year old Frankfurt took over the public relations in June 2009 and advises bakery Marita Grabowski on the online and traditional communications for the parrots. I am convinced that only a combination of classical PR and Web 2.0 to long-term communication success can lead.” The parrots bakery relies on these effective connection, and can substantially increase their awareness so. Now people even on the street speak to me”, would be the Baker. At hand in their showroom reacts with the laptop the Baker and bestselling author of the cookbook for Parrots and parakeets”instantly on their customers. In addition to its healthy bird snacks, whose Rezepturen carefully puts them together from ecologically valuable raw materials, it provides helpful tips for animal friendly diet and keeping of parrots as a free service. Grabowski is excited by the possibilities offered by the World Wide Web.

We can immediately react and respond to the needs of our customers. Through the interaction with them we learn so much”, says the 26-year-old. With their expert opinion it enriched engaged in numerous parrots Forum discussions. Quick and easy blogging and she tweets her news, ideas and action days. “The holder of six African grey parrots and two Rosellasittichen will inform their customers about their latest creations, which they carried out with support of its customers, and with advice from your vet: we appreciate the constructive feedback from our customers, so we can continuously improve our products.” The native spends watching positive in the future: Although she celebrated the opening of the business in Spenge until 2009, she looks around again to a larger business space. We need another”more space, she smirks. Press contact parrots Bakery: contact: Marita Grabowski address: Gehlenbrink 28, 32139 Spenge phone: 05225 6002357 fax: 05225 6002358 Internet: E-Mail: TEXTagenTUR press contact: contact person: Daniel Gerber phone: 0176 49 31 02 90 Internet: E-Mail:

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