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Tuesday, 26. March 2019

A) the first 3 decades of the 20th century. The roots of social psychology are located in Europe, but it was in USA where was constituted and it reached its peak. In 1908 the social psychology is considered a separate discipline.Edgard Allsworth Ross enhances the role of imitation and suggestion as explanatory mechanisms of social homogeneity.W McDougall proposed instinct theory and introduced the individual perspective in social psychology that caracterizarias for a long time. This instintivista perspective was replaced by psychological orientations including Behaviorism, given the positivist climate of the era had much to do.Malinowski, M.Mead and Linton anthropologists noted the role that played culture in the development of the personality and the importance that this had to explain social behavior.The instinct concept was replaced during the first decades of the 20th century by the attitude. The attitude concept had acceptance in all the psychological currents during the first quarter of century.

The success of his acceptance lay in the linear relationship established between attitude and behavior. Throughout the first half of this century and part of the second, this concept will be central to social psychology.USA figures such as William James, J.M. Baldwin and G.H Mead developed important contributions to social psychology. William James introduced the concept social self. I social, together with self material and the spiritual self constitute the total I individual.For Baldwin, the total self is the social self. The individual emerges progressively social group and is gradually taking conscience of his self in dialectic relation with the others. Transmission or social heritage plays an important role in this evolutionary development.The contributions of William James and Baldwin were developed in greater depth by Mead. Mead development its social psychology from his conception of the gesture. Gestures communication plays a fundamental role in the adaptation of man to his environment. Wundt ranked gesture in context social and it was this aspect of the work of Wundt that Mead took and developed.

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