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Sunday, 4. March 2018

Useful information to renew and update the wardrobe: – parts in solid colors, dark shades and simple lines – 3 straight cut pants, or, to the extent (to see stylized) black, blue, brown or cream without FOLDS (are history) – 3 black t-shirts and white 3 – 2 jeans of different styles and that they favor your silhouette-1 costume dark color (in additionIf used with white shirt collar and tie or black tie is an alternative when required a Tuxedo) – 1 jacket in leather or suede – 2 returned neck or round neck – sweater 3 shirts buttons, good style, in solid colors, one in white – underwear favorable and in good conditions – 3 ties in solid colors – 2 pair of dark socks and two pairs of sports socks – quality sunglasses – an elegant clock of quality and one sport (wristwatch in silver, stainless steel goes with everything, sports watches are only for sporting activities) – belt 2 tones or 1 black and 1 Brown – 2 pairs of black shoes, of discreet design: casual (jeans) and elegant (suits) – 2 pair of tennis: events Sports/Fitness and style (casual evening out) – Sandals dark and masculine, strong, skin touch (no t-shirts): for the summer, with jeans or shorts to see you as an artist: clothes ironed, spotless, well, walking with elegance creates your own style by combining parts of good taste and quality with basic parts. Solid colors can use them in a variety of occasions and combinations, designs and bright colors are remembered most is better invest in quality accessories so that they stand out to combine them with simple pieces that dress expensive pieces with lower quality accessories. By Brenda Liz Gines, Directorawww.mundofemeninopr.. .

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