Stiftung Warentest

Wednesday, 27. February 2019

Through the successful, safe laser eye surgery LASIK, called, the youthful vision is made. The advanced and most gentle procedure of known as LASIK surgery is used to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. This treatment largely replaced the glasses or contact lenses. Scientifically, recognised procedures can be performed as an outpatient procedure and usually between 10-15 minutes, where the actual laser treatment takes only about 30 seconds. The success rate is over 90 percent. The procedure is painless and the healing process goes very quickly by providing. (Source: online portal to the > eye surgery) In Germany, approximately 300 ophthalmologists and Laser Center offer this treatment method.

Basically a thorough investigation should be carried out but before any intervention, because the procedure is not suitable for everyone. This free, no-obligation and reputable advice includes advance. It is also the quality of the Laser Centre. The TuV South has designed a seal with the name LASIK TuV in collaboration with medical professional associations. This seal of approval is designed to help patients in search of a suitable hospital. In total, Germany can be with short or long sightedness treat every year up to 50,000 patients, rising. During surgery, the shape of the cornea is changed, which is unrecoverable. The patient, as with any surgical procedure, is taking a certain risk.

The test results, according to the Stiftung Warentest, are extremely positive in most laser centers. The price for one eyes operation is approximately 1000 euro, vacillating now but from Institute to Institute. It is possible to get a low price. Sometimes the insurance refund also a part. It is certainly useful to have a conversation with the insurance company prior to surgery.

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